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NEED HELP! issue with 7800b
« on: February 12, 2017, 09:16:24 am »
So I'm not exactly sure when this issue occured. If it was something I changed in the settings of the 7800b, or after the update that changed the layout of my 7800b and added a side bar to the left side of the screen, but in my android my little pony gameloft game, there is a blue arrow cursor with a white outline. It is acting as if my game has a mouse connected or something.

The touch screen no longer functions correctly. but I can still click on the things on the screen. But I can't use move my finger to move the screen like I could before.

If anyone has any advice to what could have caused this, please let me know. Thx

ALSO, something is off with my keymapper. When I click the keymapper button, and it comes up, where the save, mode1, L stick, ect is.

... Well I can't seem to change anything. I can't move the controls anymore. I can't change from mode1 to mode 2, and nothing seems to be responsive.

Just tested another android game "hill climb racer" and the touch controls are not working for it either....

Everything use to work fine. :(

Not sure what screwed things up. I know there was an update that put a google voice on the left side of the screen in it's own side spot....  But the device is rooted, so I'm afraid I might have changed a setting unknowingly.

There is nothing wrong with the touch screen itself, as it works outside of games, as I scroll from page to page and click on on the icons.

Really at a loss here.

TLDR points:

touch screen not working properly in games.
Keymapping no longer working in games.
rooted device.
Update where google voice search occured putting a left side panel on screen. Not sure if problems started after update.

I don't want to restore to factory settings, because I did a lot of installs, and trickery to get things the way I want such as making my device think that my 128gb sd card is internal storage, and I think I have custom firmware on the device, but been so long, can't remember. but I have it set up with everything I want, I'd hate to have to redo everything. Also, I have titanium backup to save my android save data, and don't know if I can/willing to save the data to my pc, to back up my saves..
Basically it would be a full days work or more just resetting/remembering how I set up the system, and want to avoid it if at all possible

I was in the youtube app, and the keymapper is able to come up..
Well, in the youtube app, the keymapper buttons are able to be moved like normal and the buttons like Mode1, save, ect are able to be pushed like normal.....

So works in youtube app, but not in actual android games..
Don't know if this can help anyone diagnose the issue, but just putting it out there.
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