Author Topic: Interested in Buying a used JXD S5800 as a Second Phablet and as a Smartconsole.  (Read 910 times)

MADC1993 (OP)

Hello there.

I am planning to buy an used JXD S5800 as a personal phablet (My first phone is exclusively for corporate and student usage) and as a Smartconsole.

And i have some questions to ask:

*Is it able to emulate PSP, NDS, DC and N64? In PSP's case, should i use directly my ISOs or compress my games, remove padding and resizing dummy files in CSO format?
*Does N64 emulation on this device supports Texture Pack properly?
*Am i able to use a 128GB SD Card on it with a Custom Firmware?
*Have someone tried to use GLTools on it? I plan to use GLTools for specific games to change resolution, texture size or 16-bit rendering.
**Also, have someone tried to play Portal, HL2 or Rochard with GLTools using Tegra 4 emulation?
*Am i able to install Xposed Framework and use Greenify on it?
*Does the S5800 have a Keymapper (Joy to touch) or i should pick one on Play Store?
*In the Custom ROM/FW, am i still able to use FM Radio, SIM cards and GPS?
*Any hints for HDMI/MHL alternatives for S5800 apart from Miracast and Chromecast?
*Also, have somebody used PC Streaming apps, like kainy, Splashtop and Kinoconsole?

Any Hints for post-buy?