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Author Topic: I知 back! Question about repairing left joystick on s7800. And my horror story!  (Read 195 times)

Wignorant (OP)

  • Posts: 23
I have been gone from the forum for a really long time. I hadn?t used my s7300 in years because I couldn?t find the charger for it, long story short, I fried it by using the wrong power supply. I went to eBay and was lucky enough to win a S7800 used, but it still had the plastic on it! Perfect condition! I finally took it out of the box last night and was playing with it, when I dropped it. It?s fine, thankfully, but I notice that the left joystick is a little loose, and spins freely. I feel like I dodged a bullet as I?ve heard that this is a common issue. Do you guys think that the drop caused the joystick to be loose? As for the repair, to remove the joystick, it?s just a slight tilt and a pull to remove it, right? Or do I have to completely disassemble it? Thanks again! If I can find my s7300 would anyone know if it?s even possible to fix it now? It gets really hot when I plugged it in with the right charger.


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