Author Topic: Can JXD track individual devices?  (Read 558 times)

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Can JXD track individual devices?
« on: November 21, 2017, 03:59:39 am »
This is kind of a confusing story so i hope its sort of understandable. I also don't know if this is even the right place to ask this, and if someone know a better place to ask, I would appreciate it.

About 8 months ago I was looking at random things on the internet and stumbled upon the JXD S5300 on sale. Being basically broke(as I still am) I decided to buy this as a very cheap handheld to play emulators. After buying it I receive an email from customer support that the S5300 is no longer in stock me and the customer support person send email back and forth on what product i should get. I think I eventually got a S5110, but I never received confirmation that it was being sent or that I even bought it, but my credit card was charged. About a month and a half later I decide its not coming and I dispute it on my credit card bill. another 2 months later, after buying something else to fulfill my desire for emulation a extremely beat up package from JXD comes in the mail. Knowing that I hadn't paid for it I returned it to sender.

Lets say hypothetically that about 2 weeks later it came back, possibly more dented than the first time(no joke), and I were to open it to A. figure out what the heck I was sent and to B. use it for whatever its purpose was, would JXD be able to track and find out that I had turned it on and started to use it? If they knew I would hypothetically be in the wrong. If anyone can clarify if they can track it that would be very helpful.
I don't confirm that anything that I said in this paragraph happened but hopefully you know what I mean.


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Re: Can JXD track individual devices?
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2017, 01:08:32 pm »
The store should had sent you the tracking number, it's strange they didn't. Anyway, JXD can't track your device, don't worry. At least you tried sending it back, most of the times depending where you live it's not even worth financially returning it back to China, that's probably why it returned to your home. The only thing that could happen it's that the store would try to get in contact with you if they had the tracking number and checked that it's in your possession, but like i said, basically all of them won't bother to ask you to return it. My advice would be that you should keep the S5110 and have fun with it considering that it wasn't damaged from all the traveling. Next time buying from China remember to ask the tracking number. That's it.


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