Author Topic: 7800 Power switch received,soldered and some drama but works again yeah.  (Read 667 times)

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So yeah they are freaking tiny. I used an adjustable type iron with the box and dial. not really necessary but I borrowed it anyway.
Even though I had the little plastic switch pins seated in board I had to sand down the switch button a bit to get proper pop feel.
I put it all back together after D-pad mod used some paper gasket material we have big rolls of at work. I must not have gotten the display ribbon seated right after seating all three ribbons three times each. So I tore it apart again seemed to have bridged the right side switch pin " view from the back" with ground that the switch frame solders to per multimeter readings. So I removed switch had 49 more. BUT that switch pin goes to ground anyway no cut out on PCB between them, like the other side that had 3V on it. So re-soldered new one. Put it back together got display back , but no digitizer reseated it's ribbon several times nothing, did a reset and yahoo back in business . I thought for sure I shorted it out or something the first time around .It's not like you can remove the battery plug , I guess you could desolder it but that could short to something as well if you aren't careful. It must have been the display ribbon the first time. The switch checked out fine with meter each time. Next time I am buying the strongest reading glasses they make, I have 1.75 that's just enough to make close things perfect clear up close.
The switches came fast from china I was going to get some copper thermal pads but maybe later.