Author Topic: SOLVED: running GamesExpress CD games Under Temper on RS-97 Useless CFW 1.6  (Read 226 times)

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Hello everyone.

I have been following the advancements of the RS97 unit and the CFW support that has been put into this great little handheld for the past couple of months.  as a recent owner of the RS97 i have been going through the learning experience of fine tuning all the bits and bobs of each emulator and file types needed to get the most out of this system.

I have dropped a couple of topics here and there on this forum for things that i did not think were fully explained to better help those that wanted to know and didnt have the means to find the answer.

In this topic i have gone through the research and setup so I can help those that want to run some of the Unlicensed PC-Engine CD games done by GAMESEXPRESS.

Like the other CD games for the TG16 and PC-engine there are SYS CARD/ CD Bios files that need to be put into specific folders and renamed to specific file names in order for the Temper emulator to see them and use them correctly.

for the GAMESEXPRESS CD games this is no different, as each of their CD games came with a UNIQUE CD card that ONLY worked with their CD games to Boot.

I will leave it up to you to FIND the Bios file on the Interwebs but i will tell you that it must be the 128/129KB version and NOT the 32KB one that is also floating around on the net.

Once you have the appropriate Bios file it MUST be renamed exactly to the following file name
[ games_express.pce ]

at the root of the internal memory of the RS97 under CFW 1.6 you will see a [ .temper ] folder, go into that and you will see a [ syscards ] folder, go under that and place the [ games_express.pce ] file there.  this is also where all the other bios CD system card files will be put for other CD, Super CD games to boot from.

you can now launch the Temper emulator from your RS97 and choose a GAMESEXPRESS CD .CUE or .BIN file, (for this example i will be choosing HI-LEG FANTASY as my game choice) once it attempts to launch it push the POWER button on your RS97 to bring up the options menu and choose [ change options ] then scroll down to the listing [ CD - ROM System ] in the menu and push LEFT or RIGHT to cycle through the choices of bios to load till you see [ gecd ] as a choice.  this is the GAMESEXPRESS bios, now go to the bottom of the list and choose [ save for this game ] and it will exit the menu.

It will dump you back to the previous menu and you will want to choose [ restart game ] this will reboot the .CUE or .BIN file using the correct GAMESEXPRESS bios file now and you should see a woman on a beach with a GAMESEXPRESS sign and a push RUN logo.   Now your good to go.


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Cool dude, thx for the effort! Will give it a go

beldandy561 (OP)

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no problem, hope its helpfull


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