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RS97 - Atari 800
« on: January 31, 2019, 12:15:02 am »
Helo folks !

So another fresh owner joins the club. I managed to flash the firmware just fine (Useless for 3.0).
Impressive improvements ! It's funny how every emulator has different controls, but I can't complain. The few I wanted and what I tried worked perfect.

Except one platform. I didn't even know the device can run it, but it's important to me. Atari 800. I program for the platform till this day. And it seems I'm so close ! It's almost perfect.
Useless uses Dingux version of well known Atari 800. I actually personally know people responsible for it (the generic version).

Speed, graphics, all works fine .. but the sound is terrible. It's interrupted by what seems to be frame refresh rate, clean tones are modulated, and noise tones came out often completely off. Sound effects in game are bit off, but it's not so bad. Music is completely ruined though.

Dingux Atari 800 comes with different speed limiting options, but I think I tried everything. Not only nothing helped, but I didn't notice any difference. I think something is wrong inside. Like wrong sound buffer size, or something like that.
I think I'm experienced enough to even fix it myself, especially considering I might get first hand info on the emulator. I don't have experience with Dingux though, and very little with linux as of lately, but that doesn't scare me (as much).

Anyway .. questions:
- does anyone use Atari 800 successfully ? I want to know your tricks.
- where did the Dingux version of Atari 800 come from ? I have only been able to find some ancient versions, from 2010 and older.
- where should I look if I wanted to compile stuff so it runs on my RS97 ? What do I need ?
- and one a bit off .. any way to make USB working for file transfer ? I guess it's either simple or impossible, but it's all so confusing.


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