Author Topic: RS-97 Custom Firmware v1.2 Emulator Guide (Stable, Unstable, Not Working)  (Read 22181 times)


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ReGBA - (buttons are mapped incorrectly/can't change, not a lot of settings options and menu screen still flickers

It's gpSP that has few menu options and had the incorrect button mapping, that has been fixed, reGBA's buttons are fine and freely mappable and it has many more options however the menu screen still flickers.

Compatibility is the big problem. For the reGBA off the top of my head, Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land, Lufia: the ruins of Relore and Steel Empire crash on startup, Aladdin and the Iridion games shortly after.

For gpSP Donkey Kong Country 3 won't run, nether will Steel Empire, Aladdin crashes shortly after launch, for glitches Kirby Nightmare in Dream Land secret levels won't unlock until you leave a world and come back and the water level in Crash  runs really, really slow.

In both reGBA and gpSP in the game Super Mario Bros 3 Piranah Plants are invisible under water, specifically in World 6-6.

Also for SNES9x4D and Pocket SNES games with the SA1 and FX Chips are slow.
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Most of the problems I found are from earlier and not fixed with CFW 1.5:

Dosbox: Squashed aspect ratio
Rockbot: Crashes in infinite loop when main game starts
Quake: Runs too fast
Mame: Double vertical scaling cuts off the bottom of game such as 1941. Quits out of game back to Gmenu2x instead of back to Mame.
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X and Y buttons are switched


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For mame redownload from beta testing beta 3 and replace all the files and make sure you use the mame4all.dge this fixes the exit to gmenu problem.

Rock it works fine here for me so can you delete the link and readd it then check it again.


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Thank you guys I have updated the list so we can try and fix them you can find the latest list in the  97Next v1.5 bugs thread.


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I only started with version 1.5, so I have no previous reference, but every Atari 2600 game I try is playing at only about 50% speed. My system is the 2.1 board. I notice it's initially listed as working fine - and I saw nothing about it through the thread, so perhaps it's just me? Or am I just so old that only I realize the speed is off?  :)


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My big hope is that we can get Adlib music working in ScummVM


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I am unable to run any Neo Geo (arcade) games using GnGeo. I have all the games in zips which according to the first post is ok. Any tips?


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I am unable to run any Neo Geo (arcade) games using GnGeo. I have all the games in zips which according to the first post is ok. Any tips?
Have you put the correct bios file in the folder with the roms?

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on version 1.7, where do I place psx bios files and which ones are needed?


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