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Author Topic: reGBA - new version October 20th/2020. Remap menu button PocketGo2  (Read 886 times)

nicolasmailar (OP)

  • Posts: 10
There is a new release of reGBA with some nice video configurations.
The menu button is mapped to POWER (RG-350 models).
Can be mapped the menu button to open the app menu in the PG2 and PG2v2?

"With this release, there is a single build for all RG350 models. Moreover, the x2 hardware scalers should now work on non-M devices. The scanline and grid scalers won't look so good on a 320x240 display (there are simply not enough pixels to render the effects accurately), but the Hardware (x2) and Hardware (Scale2x) scalers should look crispy on any screen.

In addition, this release merges the latest maintenance commits from pcercuei (https://github.com/pcercuei/ReGBA/tree/regba-2020.10.07), including a safer mechanism for writing save states. Many thanks to pcercuei for the continued dev work."

Link:  https://github.com/jdgleaver/ReGBA/releases

Thanks in advance.


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