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PAP-KIII Plus - OpenDingux Update
« on: February 06, 2019, 12:31:06 pm »

I share my custom update for PAP KIII Plus Arcade Mini Firmware, that you can download here:

New Apps
Mplayer - Video Player
PCSX4ALL v2.4 - PS1 Emulator (CPU set to 630 max!)
Picodrive v1.92 - Mega Drive Emulator
PocketSNES Build 01.28.2019 - SNES Emulator
New skin, icons and more...

1. Download Arcade Mini Firmware for PAP KIII Plus
2. Flash it to the internal memory card using Etcher
3. When flash is completed reinsert memory card to pc
4. Delete everything from root directory and copy all update files to memory card
5. Put memory card in PAP KIII Plus nad power it


All games in game section works including Cannonball and Quake
Put game roms to roms folder
Put videos to video folder (480x272 .mkv .ogg .rmvb .wma .wmv .mp4)


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Re: PAP-KIII Plus - OpenDingux Update
« Reply #1 on: February 06, 2019, 12:45:30 pm »
The full image can you will make?

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drake9700 (OP)

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Re: PAP-KIII Plus - OpenDingux Update
« Reply #2 on: February 06, 2019, 01:35:28 pm »
I will try if I have some time or someone more experienced can do it.


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Re: PAP-KIII Plus - OpenDingux Update
« Reply #3 on: February 06, 2019, 04:45:07 pm »
I use blackz1982 patched for k3p JZ4760B  image. Is gameblabla RS-07 firmware, patched for papk3.
I have copied new binaries from ArcadeMini_v12_CFW

to mnt_int /emus ,  mnt_int/games and mnt_int/apps.
I have renamed old folders, and copy from external SD to internal, with Commander.
so i have (in pap k3 JZ4760B 16gb version)  :
- PSCX4ALL running: Tested GTA2, HerculesAdventures and Megaman X6.  40~60FPS.
- Picodrive full screen running
- GmenuNX build 26 January + skins
Note: Picodrive uses the fix library to run full screen, so you must have it in that path.
LD_PRELOAD=/mnt/int_sd/apps/gmenu2x/lib/ ./PicoDrive "$1"

I now only need fullscreen FBA, and.. will have perfect console  :P

i have to test several things ,and will make an image.
The gameblabla RS-07 firmware (for rs-07 and papk3) has:

Version 1.2 :
- Added PCSX4ALL. Note that external controllers aren't supported yet.
- Fixed issues with save states on ECWolf.
- Fixed USB mounting, now works out of the box.
- Fixed crashes on Quake
- Fixed crashes when enabling sound on Vice

Version 1.1
- Addition of Picodrive. It runs pretty fast and upscales both 40 & 32 columns games.
Master system games might not get upscaled properly, use SMS_SDL for those.
- Speccy runs much faster now. Bringing up the menu no longer slows it down.
- Mplayer now replaces ffplay. Mplayer has much faster rendering code than ffplay.
Still, make sure to convert your videos to 480x272 resolution so Mplayer doesn't have to rescale.
- TV Out is now usable... sorta. Due to a hardware flaw preventing detection,
a prompt upon bootup will ask you to activate it instead.
- Oswan is a bit more stable. However, some games can still glitch the menu so be careful...
I hope i can properly fix this in the future.
- Support for mounting USB sticks. It could be useful for extra Roms.
- Some minor performance improvements across most apps.


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