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Title: Notice about my website and links
Post by: gameblabla on August 14, 2021, 07:23:06 am
partly because of the corona pandemic and rising prices, i have decided to move the links entirely to github pages and gitlab.
Nothing was lost, although the links have changed. I have tried to edit as much posts out there as possible but it's possible that a few might not work : if you found one, then report it to me thanks.

You can get the OPKs for your devices here :
https://gitlab.com/gameblabla/gameblabla-releases/-/tree/master/opk (https://gitlab.com/gameblabla/gameblabla-releases/-/tree/master/opk)

This includes :

Note of course that these are only for my own personal ports and not the work of other peoples so it's not a full exhaustive list.

My new website moved to :
https://gameblabla.github.io (https://gameblabla.github.io)

Please update your bookmarks accordingly and sorry for the trouble. Nowadays, i'm mostly active on Discord but hopefully i can get back here.