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Author Topic: My ports to the GKD350H  (Read 963 times)

gameblabla (OP)

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My ports to the GKD350H
« on: December 09, 2020, 01:10:03 am »
As you may know already, i have ported several of my emulators (including updates) to the GKD350H.
I thought it would be more appropriate to make a separate thread about it.
The GameKiddy 350H, especially when overclocked to the max setting (1.7 Ghz i believe), is packing quite a powerful single core MIPS32 cpu.
What brings it down and holds back its potential however, is the kernel with many issues with it. (including triple buffering & vsync not working properly and not always locking to 60 FPS.)

That said, even with the beta OpenDingux firmware out, it is still under some circumstances much more powerful, even when not overclocked.


To insert an OPK in your GKD350H, you can either mount it over USB and put the OPKs in the "APPS" folder or put them in another folder  and then transfer them to the internal sd card with Dingoo commander in /media/apps.

Here are the ports that i made available to it (or updates, as older versions were made available on the GKD350H).

3DO emulator. Runs almost fullspeed on the GKD350H. Make sure to have the 3DO bios in .3doh in a file called "bios.bin".

An RPG Maker 2000/2003 interpreter. This is using the SDL 1.2 backend as the GKD350H obviously can't have SDL2 on it.
An earlier version of it was provided with the GKD350H but this is the latest version from github and compiled with optimal settings.

This is irixxx's faster Picodrive build with numerous improvements and fixes. The most notable change is much faster Sega 32X emulation thanks to the addition of an SH2 to MIPS32 dynarec. This addition already made sure Picodrive ran fullspeed on a simple JZ4770 so a GKD350H can run this reliably, even without an overclock.

This was ported only as a demonstration/proof of concept. As noted in the OPK filename, it is quite crashy and very slow.
If you want to play some 2D DS games (especially early 2D titles), look for my LameDS emu instead.

Port of an old VN game. This is based upon the old work of SoyWiz. He eventually released the source code for it.
The source code was a big mess (everything contained in a single file) and because i wanted to compile it on a multithreaded cpu and still have working LTO, i split it into several files and fixed some issues along the way.

Some people enjoy this game so give it a try. It takes a while to dive into it however.

This is my fork of Handy, an atari lynx emulator, with the old A320 version GUI and the libretro internal changes. It fixes quite a number of issues and supports rotating vertical games too.

This is a fun TGM-like Tetris game and overall it runs pretty well too. Give it a try if you liked Yakta.

A fork of an old desmume version that was still C only. Lots of changes were made to ensure it runs as best as it can on the GKD350H.
It features a 256x384 to 160x240 downscaler by hiban and has numerous fullscreen settings as well as a stylus mode.
(Select+B to change scaler, L+B to enter stylus mode)

Bomberman DS is sort of playable on it and it's possible you can run homebrew games on it too. (as long as the roms are decrypted of course, this fork doesn't support encrypted roms)
This features no 3D engine so don't try to play 3D games on it. (you can try Desmume for those but it's so slow, its more for jokes than anything else)

Hopefully Drastic will get open sourced some day so i can take another crack at its interpreter and faster software rendering.

PCFXEmu (NEC PC-FX emulator)
A NEC PC-FX emulator based upon Mednafen and the libretro core, albeit heavily stripped down and modified.
Both the mouse and gamepad are supported. (Mouse is mapped to analog stick with A/B acting as left and right buttons)
Make sure to overclock your GKD350H to the max setting for this one, the V810 CPU + King chipset are heavy on the CPU.

This one requires a valid BIOS (there's one floating out there that is a bad dump, be careful) in /usr/local/home/.pcfxemu called "pcfx.rom".

Quake 2
This is a port of my software rendered only Quake 2. It cannot play mods (in fact support for loading external modules got stripped), but the game is playable, sort of.

Retro8 (Pico-8)
A Pico-8 interpreter for the GKD350H. Tac08 was tested on it but its author only released an older version on github that has no sound and no support for PNG files (he refuses to update it so far despite requests, so don't bother asking him) so Retro8 is as good as it will get.
It can run most Pico-8 games that were released up until 2018 or so.

My Master system/Game Gear/SG-1000/Colecovision emulator based upon SMS Plus GX by exophase with numerous changes and improvements made upon it. If you want to play CV games, make sure to have its bios called "BIOS.col" in .smsplus/bios.

A port of Sonic Robo Blast 2 v2.2 for the GKD350H. This game is very memory-intensive so sadly the stronger CPU does not help much here and it performs worse than the RG-350 on beta FW for this reason.

Temper (NEC PC-Engine, CDROM2, SuperGrafx emulator)
Originally an emulator by Exophase, he later released the source code for it. (Do what you want with it, he said)
I made some improvements to it, such as improved color accuracy and fixing some issues. (some games would crash, like the Supergrafx axelay demo, it was partially fixed of sorts)

The OpenDingux port features IPU scaling. This has none of that so all you gonna get are improvements to the overall codebase.
(The game fixes, the rendering issues and the fact that it should not leak memory anymore and less prone to crashes.)

VBA Next (GBA emulator)
A fork of VBA Next based upon the libretro fork of the same name. This latest version is greatly improved speed wise and can run most games, even NES classic games (notorious for being heavy on the CPU) fullspeed as long as you overclock the CPU.
Frameskipping was removed in this version as the kernel does not play nice with it and triple buffering/vsync so to keep the later two,
a frame limiter had to be re-added.

VBEmu (Virtual boy emulator)
Yup, the GKD350H port of my VB emu based upon Mednafen/libretro changes. Heavily stripped down as to run smoothly on it (so no 3D, this is 2D only. Doing this change greatly sped up rendering).
Even without an overclock, this runs beautifully without any dropped frames as of latest version so this version has the frameskip disabled and not compiled in.
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gameblabla (OP)

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Re: My ports to the GKD350H
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