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Author Topic: Mortal Kombat 4 Hardcore Attack (ROM Hack)  (Read 547 times)

ace9094 (OP)

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Mortal Kombat 4 Hardcore Attack (ROM Hack)
« on: April 16, 2020, 09:36:15 pm »
Mortal Kombat 4: Hardcore Attack for pcsx4all on RG-350 and Pocket Go 2 - the ROM is NOT INCLUDED, I have added the PPF Patch tool and the latest v1.3 Patch...

None of this is my work Full credit to Mr2RG

A Hack Game for Mortal Kombat 4, titled: Hardcore Attack, as well including Meat Modification character, This hack was Released in October 2015 and updated again in Jan 2020 to v1.3.

Game name:Mortal Kombat 4 USA NTSC
Game version required SLUS_006.05 - this MUST be a clean ISO or BIN file
Console: PlayStation
Hack version: 1.3
Patch: PPF(PlayStation Patch Format)
Patcher: ppf-o-matic3

<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxxxsEXsc6Y" target="_blank">https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jxxxsEXsc6Y</a>

Taken from Read Me
-----------------Mortal Kombat 4-----------------
-------------HARDCORE ATTACK-------------

Wins reset disabled.
Time out disabled.
Default difficulty: hardcore
Default continue: 9

1.CPU interception of throw disabled.
2.Added Greatest victory & Fast end.
3.Endurance mode modification:
Now for every corpse you get little life energy.
For a quick battle with minimal losses you get extra points.

-------------------Easy way out-------------------
 Easy way to escape execution.
 If the opponent has lost 85% lives, press "up" button, and you will escape fatality.

 With the computer opponent is better not pull, he executes as soon as hear: "finish him".

Goro & Noob Saibot activated.
Secret menu activated.

New soundtrack:
Music on arenas: DJ Morgan - Sentinel.
Music in main menu: Juno reactor - Nitrogen (Part 1).
Music in select screen: URAN TEMPLE Sub - Frequency.
Music in the pit: Jdx- nice and close.
Music in ladder: XOL DOG 400 - Agresiv.
Music in final arcade mode:Scooter - Nessaja (UK VIP Radio Promo).

---------------Meat modification:----------------
Meat has got own special moves list:
Weapon          ->,->,/\
Corkscrew kick  <-,->,O   
Shurikens       down,->,[]
Ice clone       down,<-,X 
Shadow uppercut down,<-,[]
Spike fatality  ->,down,-> + /\   
Fan fatality    down,<-,<- + /\

To select Meat - highlight the "hidden",
press and hold R1, choose Sub -zero pressed L1 button.

--------------New combat codes----------------
 100006 Ringout.
 300003 Randome KK.
 004400 Random Arena.

 You need to hit the enemy "high kick" /\, when he stand on edge of the arena.

-----------------Select weapon-------------------
You can get weapon any fighter, for that you must highlight the character icon and press select weapon button.
R2 get weapon.
L2 set default weapon.

The weapon drops out if weapon meter empty.

------------------Hardcore attack-----------------
This mode uses the limit of wins or battles. When the rounds limits or wins limits were received,
the loser is thrown into a pit, and then announce the winner. Loser is not thrown into a pit in the event of a tie,
or if he has won the last battle. If mode over with an equal score, the winner is the one who won the last battle.

*This mode is accessible only if both controllers are connected to the console.

Fixed the errors previous version of mod.
Improved kombat kode: Ringout.
"Wins" replaced on "score" in the "hardcore attack"  mode.
Unlocked ability to execute the Goro.
Activated the meter for Reptile invisibility.
(The reptile remains invisible when beaten, until the meter ends)

Meat character is updated:
 The sounds of special moves are played.
 Gender of the character is changed.
 Sub Zero icon set at the flawless victory and fatality, do not announced the name of an extraneous winner.

Kombat kode 11: weapon kombat is fixed.(Dropdown through the randome kombat kode)

Updated arcade mode:
 The boss Shinnok has more lives and continuous morphing.
 Damage of Goro throw is decreased.
 Endurance(1on2) mode is added.
 Activation "vs mode", available only through Select mode screen.

Goro unlocked  for vs mode.
 (player for Goro, takes equal damage with other fighters)
Unlocked the battle Goro vs Goro in "vs mode".

Updated modes in endurance menu:
 Random kombat kodes is added to "Endurance" mode.
 Hidden characters added to "vs endurance" mode. Disabled replenishment of lives.
 In "Ultimate endurance" added the menu for entering a name.
  (Available at difficulty level: hardcore. High score table is shown in demo mode.)

 The low difficulty of the game is cut. (the minimal difficulty, which that was medium)
 Skipping credits is added. (hold the Start button while scrolling through the list of developers)
 Meat character sounds is fixed in 2on2 mode.
 Other minor fixes.

Fix of the original glitches:
   Deadly spear attak of Scorpion in 2on2 mode.
   The sound of Goro's "Ground stomp" special move.
   The sound of Goro's Taunt.
   Costume of the second player for Noob Saibot in mirror match.

Fixes of the modification:
  Game freezing after fatality 1 Scorpion.
  Frozen textures is added to character Meat.
  Added the ability to save Hardcore attack mode limits to the memory card.

Other minor fixes.

LINK - https://mega.nz/file/fYhCzCbJ#n1kEgUcdHrSjJ8r49jMUCs2kFJHLe1rHT3bI_6VexQ4
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