Author Topic: Is there anywhere I can go to download all the previous releases of PocketSNES?  (Read 529 times)

daddylonglegs (OP)

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Hey all. The September 2017 release of PocketSNES works much better on my RG-350P than newer versions. Super Mario RPG gets almost a full 60fps, except in heavy areas like the Mushroom Kingdom.

I tried the latest PocketSNES to see if the FPS got better, and it got way way worse.

The version that works well is the September 2017 release. However, I figured there might be some 2018 or 2019 releases that might work better than the September 2017 one, and better than the 2021 releases.

I cannot find links for them anywhere. Is there some sort of archive of all the PocketSNES releases ever made? I checked zophar's domain but it wasn't there.

I'd love to try every single one out (even if it's dozens of them!) and report back with which one is best for the RG-350P! I just can't find then anywhere to download :) I know about the Github but that seems to be some "newer" fork that only goes back to 2020.

Thanks in advance!