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Author Topic: I want to buy the Powkiddy Q80 from Aliexpress,is it pocketgo 2 100% compatible?  (Read 2442 times)

renejr902 (OP)

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Hi guys! I have a few questions.
1. I want to buy the Powkiddy Q80 from Aliexpress, is it pocketgo V2 100% compatible with software and firmware?
( i can buy it for only 74$C Canada money or 55$US from official Powkiddy store on Aliexpress)

2. Is the Pocketgo V2 ( and clone like Playgo, Miyyo mix powerkiddy q80) have a headphone jack that output Stereo ? ( i know gdk-350h is mono with headphone jack)

3. i checked videos on youtube and read a lot too, it seems the Pocketgo 2 ( and clones) has a better lcd screen and brighter screen vs rg350. Is it really that much brighter than rg 350 ? ( i love bright screen) Is the lcd screen really much better in image quality than rg350 ?

4. By any chance, Do you know if RG350 and Pocketgo 2 LCD screen can be exchange between them ? are they compatible for each other?

Thanks for answer ! i already bought a rg350 2 weeks ago, i still waiting to receive it. But Maybe i will buy pocketgo v2 or a clone like powkiddy q80 or miyoo mix or play go, if no difference between them..  , i will wait your answers guys :)
Thanks a lot !!

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renejr902 (OP)

  • Posts: 69
I just bought it, the seller confirmed me , its all the same, only the brand name change, and they produce all of them in the same factory.

See his answer below:

Hello, this is the brand is different, the other 100
Everything else is the same
I have powkiddy logo in stock now
Just change it to logo
We produce in one factory
Different brands

ME: ok , so they are all 100% the same ? ( all the same: new pocketgo 2, playgo, powkiddy, miyoo mix.. RIGHT?)

His answer: yes


So im happy, datadragon member from dingoonity confirmed me about playgo , pocketgo 2 abd miyoo mix being the same, BUT i was not sure about Powkiddy. Now you can buy Powkiddy one from official Powkiddy shop at Aliexpress and save a lot of money ! 74$CA or 55$US

Thanks for previous help guys !

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Thanks for the info, Rene.

I have asked a lot of sellers if they have an unbranded version. One without any text in the glass...
Most didn't reply; those who did said "nope". Could you ask this gentleman about it? He said "we produce in one factory", that gives me hopes...

renejr902 (OP)

  • Posts: 69
i asked him, i will reply to you later.

edit: he just answered me :

This product is not made without logo
Everyone has logo, unless 1000 units are customized.
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Thanks a lot! I guess I'll try acetone or something, these logos catch my eye even more than dead pixels...

One thousand units, out of my budget. I'm not sure there will be 1000 of us around here in for this stuff.

renejr902 (OP)

  • Posts: 69
i received it. it works perfect with rogue firmware 1.04. no stock buttons. dpad works very good, not perfect, good feeling.
rg350 dpad is little better, still not perfect too. street fighter alpha2 moves are difficult to do with each console, but moves works more often with rg350 than powkiddy q80 (pocketgo 2 clone). powkiddy a little more bright but worst colors, not enough saturate, but better black. powkiddy has slightly more motion blur than rg350. in general i think i prefer rg350, for dpad and color accuracy and saturation, even if a little less bright than powkiddy. the rg350 lower dpad position dont bother me much. but i prefer powkiddy dpad upper position. But to be honest they cant compare to my ps vita oled with enso henkaku 3.60 that works at 500mhz. But i want something to be more pocket for some situation. The rg350 or powkiddy do the job well. and both works great with retroarch too.
im satisfied with the powkiddy q80 build quality and dpad and buttons. the revision seems go. i dont saw any problem i read from pocketgo 2, the problems have been corrected. The volume problem seems not happen with the original powkiddy firmware. Now with rogue 1.04 , volume at minimum is still a little high, but nothing like i imagined from people that complaint, maybe this problem had been corrected too. at minimum volume i find it still too low even in bed in evening
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