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Author Topic: MFACE BASE (Custom Faceplates) and Emblems  (Read 881 times)

Deen0X (OP)

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MFACE BASE (Custom Faceplates) and Emblems
« on: June 22, 2018, 11:27:09 pm »
Hi all!

I published few things.

MFACE BASE (custom faceplates)


Basically, are customized faceplates for GPD-WIN2

I redesign from scratch, adjusting the attachment system to be suitable to print with standard 3d printer

I cover the Hinge too, that is a complex part (for me) for design and print.

In parallel, i designed a new GDP logo/emblem, that i wil use for accesories i will publish in future.

This design will be integrated in functional way. This case, i used the "eyes" of the alien logo as attaching system for emblems.

I published some emblems to be used within this faceplate. I included a sketchup project model, using GPD logo, for anyone modify this and create their custom emblems.


This is not an official logo. simply, i want to create something to publish as emblem project, because i don?t like really the current GPD logo