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Author Topic: How to verify if I need to operate my GPDwin  (Read 753 times)

elwing (OP)

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How to verify if I need to operate my GPDwin
« on: March 17, 2018, 01:02:22 pm »
My GPDwin worked fine for months, I bought it from indigogo after the campaign succeeded, meaning it's one from the early series. I prevented updates using OOshutup10 to avoid any issue as it seems that buggy drivers and other buggy updates are frequent, I use it as a gaming console and don't want heavy update/AV overhead, there's nothing secure there and I'll just reinstall at needs.
Unfortunately I start getting some issue, namely some silent reboot while using the GPU, screen goes black then the unit reboot, I also had an occurrence of the dreaded "GPU has stopped working" message but only once. what is strange is that these reboots only occurs when using the GPU and not having a charger/battery pack connected. these seems also to occur regardless of the internal battery charge. I fear that I have the infamous power issue and need to solder resistors as described there:

Does someone have an idea what I should look for in the event log or by other means before trying to crack my GPDwin and do some brain surgery?



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