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Author Topic: GPD Win - fan control, screen resolution, firmware, manual  (Read 4570 times)

MartiusR (OP)

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GPD Win - fan control, screen resolution, firmware, manual
« on: November 06, 2016, 11:29:00 am »
My GPD Win has arrived recently to me and I've started to test it. However, there are some things which are a bit unclear for me.

First of all- I see that there is manual control of fan (completely turned off and two degrees of fan's speed). But I have no idea about recommended using of this feature - shall I by default set it on smaller speed, or turned off? What's the influence of it on battery's life? In terms of using it - shall I be more focused on time of using GPD Win or rather application/game requirements?

Resolution - I've tested my GPD Win on Sonic Heroes. To be sure that it will work properly, I've used this fan-made modification allowing to use any screen resolution and set it on 1280x720. But something strange happened - screen was showed not "horizontally", but "vertically", cutted off and only on a part of the screen. I've turned off previously the automatic turning of the screen, so it can't be caused by this thing. I didn't had this issue with other games I've tested (and it's for sure not fault of modification, because I've tested it on two different PCs and in both cases was working fine). What can be the reason of this issue? After removing modification I've tried to launch it in 800x600 (resolution whcih was working absolutely fine in case of Sonic Riders), but there was still the same issue.

Firmware update - I didn't checked if my firware is the newest, because everything is working fine so far. Shall I be bothered with this, or simply leave it in current state, if everything (well, despite little problem with one game described earlier) is working correctly?

And finally - manual. Is there any manual (more detailed than this thin "leaflet" added to GPD Win, where is not too much explained) to download? I didn't find any on gpd website, and I've thought that it would be very useful.

Many thanks in advance for answer(s)!


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Re: GPD Win - fan control, screen resolution, firmware, manual
« Reply #1 on: November 06, 2016, 12:04:48 pm »
Here's how you fix sonic heroes.
Set it to launch in window mode then download Borderless Window Gaming


Follow the instructions on there.


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Re: GPD Win - fan control, screen resolution, firmware, manual
« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2016, 01:56:19 pm »
not using the fan won't kill your device, it will just throttle down due to the produced heat.
Increase the fan speed if you notice that it gets too warm in your hands or that games suddenly start lagging.

Screen resolution:
You can add custom resolution on the intel hd control panel, this will greatly improve fps in gpu limited games.
You have to type them the other way around because the screen is natively in portrait.
like, if you want a resolution of 1024x576, type 576x1024 and 60hz
for 800x450, 450x800.

Try this.