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Author Topic: GPD Win2 256 GB first impressions - Some big design flaws and screen and fan sw  (Read 1797 times)

ruthan (OP)

  • Posts: 107
i have for 1 day this machine here are my first impressions, you can see zillions videos and PhanX biased videos (he is more GPD PR person that proper reviewer..), but nothing is such hands on:
  • I cant say anything about durability, but mechanical cover design seems very good.
  • Display quality and visibility si very good, but its too small, there very half of inch counts, its hard to read. Its too small, but there is palce in the cover for something better and its shame that it not used.
  • My device is probably defective, because its auto suspending during standard windows work, if it is charging, its probably overheating or something like that.. At the start of using i got is only occasionally, but later it happened every 90 seconds! Its complete game over..
  • That whole idea, much and gamepad integration, driver switch is very nice, nicer that some IBM trackpoint etc.. But i have small hands, and use right stick and gamepad buttons its hard to use.. on Xbox gamepad are button near to edge and stick me in the middle its much better.
  • I have problem to set mouse cursor speed right, i have problem its too small for Windows cursor, but when i set it to faster.. i can aim to some small gui elements, because start of moving is too fast. Im not expert in that, i would need to make intial movement slower.. with faster acceleration for longer movement
  • Bios sucks a all, its rotated, there zillions of options, which are not working with device, its unacceptable, they should  hire some Bios guy and at all disable options which are not valid for this device
  • Internal SSD BiWii its fast regarding of Crystal Disc Info its capable 500 / 400 MB/s read/write
  • Display is not proper landscape display, even during windows boot etc, its switching to portrait mode, its unacceptable, its not so hard to make some "lcd logic" proper chip to force proper modes and landscape only. unacceptable
  • I thing that is again but LCD logic chip issue, not issue on Intel side lots of games - Quake 1, Vampire Masqureade, Warcraft III are starting in some broken half a screen mode (or with bad rotation) or with broken rotation. Other as Crysis, when are started in not native resolution, cursor position is not translating to correctly.. there is big offset, so you can have move cursor in strange position to click a button.
      It seems to be Intel+MS drivers bug - but from users from experience it doesnt matters, its not working are is DX8 rotation fix and dgvoodoo dlls for other games fixing, but its annoying to apply them.
  • Cooling -Machine is very fast in could make 5000 in Geekbench multicore, its more that i expected, but it has its price, from start especially with recharging is very hot. There is not any way how to monitor or adjust fan speed, its very noisy from the start. I dont mind too much noise while gaming, i understand that is neccesary, but for 2D Windows experience or game like with Quake III where is cpu power 3-4W it make no sense, it would really need much lesser base clock or power setup just for 2D i want to place machine somewhere let Steam downloading and dont heard it, its not possible, same as quite browsing the internet. I dont checked undervolting option etc.. but should be managed by company. Fan has very strange sound, when you changing device angle during normal using.
      Other big problem that even with excesive fan noise, right side of device when i place my right hand fingers and where is SSD metal cover in otherwise plastic cover is too hot, for comfortable use. Unacceptable.
  • Preinstalled Windows 10 cant be activated, key was blocked or something like that its shame that some replacement key wasnt added to package.
  • It arrrived with US charger, i dunno if EU even exist, it would be nicer, because these US to EU convectors are always dangerous..
  • I dunno if it is normal, but my device is red blinking during charging and use red led for it is bad idea, green would be  better, i would feel more safe:)
  • Battery recharging sucks, i got forecast time in Windows 4:30! hours, its not acceptable, i dunno now if it bad forecast, or charging suck by the design
  • 1 meter long charging cable which untypical USB-C to USB-C its dont good choice
    • My package arrived from Asia very dirty, most dirty of all packaged in the years, i took month and half, tracking started to work maybe 2 week before final arrival and all package edges where mashed - so material is very bad, or i got already used packaging as new
    • Its bundled with lots of Spyware and Chinese worms unacceptable

      Already, issues described as unacceptable, are unacceptable its "chinese quality" its acceptable (except worms) for some homebrew some guys project, but not proper company product for such price and after such long time after launch. Its shame that GPD dont care, dont support it, dont fix it and simply aim to other devices.
      It could work really fine, with proper manufactures care.
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ruthan (OP)

  • Posts: 107
I created some online document, with my issues, there some games, which im not able to make working (i guess that there is way, but even now its annoying to copy some dlls to every second game which i want to play), in other sheet and some hints for other owners:

  If someone want to right for edits to add issues or not working games he/she are welcome.


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