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Author Topic: GPD Win 2 handheld gaming PC gets a spec bump (faster processor, more storage)  (Read 3281 times)


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Here?s what?s new:

Intel Core m3-8100Y processor (upgraded from Core m3-7Y30)
256GB SSD (upgraded from 128GB)
Faster microSD card read/write speeds (theoretical top speeds of 160MB/s read and 90MB/s write when you use an A2 microSD card)
Improved audio (higher volume, less distortion)
Improved heat dissipation due to new motherboard design
Support for 5V charging



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"GPD Win2 updating 8100Y version

Except CPU,SSD also upgrade to 256GB,price is same as 128GB version.
Heat dissipation improved. The main board of 7Y30 version is designed with dual layers, power control IC and SSD are overlay together, heat will stay at right hand position and can't dissipate out, then it's will be overheat when you run AAA game with high TDP. So we have redesigned whole main board, we have staggered Power IC and SSD, disperse heat to solve local overheating, you don't need worry about suddenly shut and can't boot during charging and playing.
Raised the speed of SD card writing and reading, A2 TF card was compatible. The bus rate of TF card is 833Mbps, the bus bandwidth is 104MB/s. Some A1 TF card say they can reach to 100MB/s with reading, 80MB/s with writing, but in fact just 70MB/s reading and 50MB/s writing. The theory speed of A2 would be: 160MB/s reading and 90MB/s writing.
Support 5V charge, All none PD charger and power bank are all compatible. Unless you are in urgent, we still suggest you use default charger, 5V/2A or 3A would be not enough when your unit is on, because power need supply to main board and battery as well.
Improved the audio, add independent power amplifier IC. 7Y30 version used default power amplifier, not good as well. New Win2 will give you high fidelity sound quality, better gaming experience"

Sorry for my English, I'm Russian
Dingoo a320


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I got yesterday original model its overheating and auto suspending.. How much faster is this cpu+gpu combo?

 Is some one mine issues (check the link) now solved?

Its allways problem to find right 1 to 1 comparision in Geekbench results.. but there is my try to compare new and old cpu:
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The 8100Y has much higher boost clocks, so it should be faster, how much faster, I have no idea because I never tested one.


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Video of different models

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Well, with this author, i wounld suprised if this would be -we need to clear old stocks video.. after few months there would be magic bump in steed.
   I saw it, there is nothing about fan noise and temperature if it is better or not and there are not fan noise recording, how is typical for its video, he just ignoring it as GPD PR person #1