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Author Topic: GPD WIN 1 | Battery Replacement  (Read 7769 times)


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Re: GPD WIN 1 | Battery Replacement
« Reply #20 on: October 11, 2018, 12:45:28 pm »
It doesn't say that when I look, maybe they made him a moderator and then quickly rescinded it when they realised everybody knows he scams people out of money. The moderation on this site does seem to really like him for some reason, maybe they have an affinity for theives and scammers? Would explain the GCW connection, that guy was protected for a long time on here too. Alternatively maybe the moderation team just don't spend any time posting here and therefore don't actually know any posters?

Dreamesper needs booting, I'm sure we would all prefer an honest community where we are free to discuss things and make safe purchases without his spamming and dodgy dealing. Should have been boted months ago, the only thing that guy can moderate is other people's bank balances.

Happy to take this to PM, unfounded speculation is not helpful to anybody.

I'm going to have to lock this thread as it's now completely derailed.


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