Author Topic: Game works on USB but not Micro SD despite the Micro SD being plugged in via USB  (Read 592 times)

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Sorry for the confusing title, but that's it.

I have plenty of games installed on my micro SD, and all of them work flawlessly.

I've installed Viva Pinata, the same way I would install any other disk based software onto a regular SD (via usb adaptor), and then transfered it to the micro SD once I confirmed it worked on my SD (via usb adaptor)

For some reason, I can't explain why, the game will run without issue when the micro SD that contains all my other games is plugged into the system, via the usb slot. Drive (F:) but when I plug it into the system directly, Drive (D:) it won't run. It just goes to black screen.

To make matters worse, when I try and re-install it directly onto the micro sd, instead of the normal PC->SD->MSD the installation crashes!

Any help? Advice?

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I'm not sure but it looks like your MicroSD card is write protected when you put it in the MicroSD slot. Maybe try with copy all data to an other disk and format it.

You can also try to remove the SD driver and let Windows reinstall it after a reboot.
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Which do you believe is better, microSD or USB 3.0 flash drive?

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