Author Topic: Dear GPD Team, Please talk to the community about GPDwin 2 so we can contribute.  (Read 6698 times)


Hi guys, I'm looking for a portable windows device, mainly for gaming.

Do you know if the GPD Pocket would be more powerful than the GPD Win in that context? or would they perform the same in gaming?


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Since they both basically have the same specs I would guess performance in gaming would be the same but the Win is better just because it has the built in controls.
Just my 2 cents.


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GPD Pocket has double the ram but is otherwise the same spec as the new Win. If you're an FPS gamer who would rather use the keyboard/mouse you might find more to like with the pocket if you don't mind pocketing a Bluetooth mouse too ;)  I'm really more or less with mofo, if gaming is the main focus, the win is unbeatable in the market right now. 


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