Author Topic: What will be the way of Android game devices?  (Read 1634 times)

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What will be the way of Android game devices?
« on: May 15, 2014, 07:50:34 am »
The most problem is the Android game device can not pre-intall games in some area.
Or you need pay for those games, millions for one game.
This will be so hard for one normal company.
But the big business company didn't work the handhold business well, they are playing the currency and brand.

Is that possible have some Game development companys can work with us?
We pre-install your games with your license, but your games can earn profit while users playing and buy some equipment or whateverfor example??
Then we built one game center, to make our business become normal.....
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Re: What will be the way of Android game devices?
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2014, 10:41:03 am »
Maybe you need not pre-installed games and rather something like Gamesome frontend - launcher with selective game news, recommendations, filters, ratings, wise notifications, collecting feedback etc., with games downloading from Google Play, Humble Bundle Store, Amazon AppStore. Similar to TegraZone, Archos GameZone, Samsung S Console, PhoneJoy Gamepad App.

I think you need to organize a poll of what kind of Android games consumers and users of GPD devices playing most the time (apart from emulators, of course).
Something like an email asking kindly for following information:

Age Group (under 13, 14-19, 20-30, for example)
Name Top 5 of your favourite Android games

That could give you a understanding what companies producing the games your auditory plays the most, and about preferable genres. Once you will have such information, you can define potential partners among game developers/publishers. It also will help you improve your Game Center with Age/Gender/Country game recommendations.

And then we could give you an initial recommendations of good games for each mentioned genre.

You could use a feedback from the Game Centre to improve devices' compatibility by adressing problems if specific games to their authors. For example, Dot Emu and SNK Playmore games mostly unplayable on GPD G5A for now - they are crashing right after launch. You could collect users' reports and point them out to the game developers. I wrote to SNK once about their KoF ports, but my letter was ignored. Maybe your wouldn't be? It will also gain you some credibility among both consumers and game developers.

You can also create a better alternative to Happy Chick, where user will have an organised, intuitive and and timely updated base of Android emulators with installation of them from Google Play and authors' websites. And no pirated stuff, of course!
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Re: What will be the way of Android game devices?
« Reply #2 on: May 15, 2014, 11:55:34 am »
Having a legit install of some decent free games (or very cheap ones) might be a good idea, maybe contact some of the smaller developers who would probably be more flexible and eager to get more people playing their games. Demo versions would be cool too, that way developers could get the free product out there and customers who enjoyed it might purchase the full game.

Big free games like Dead Effect might be the sort to go for, the developers aren't huge but the game is impressive and would show off the system to potential customers, would be a cool way to get more games compatible with the controls too. Pocket Rally might be a good one too - impressive game from a small developer.

I guess you never know until you contact developers, send them over here too!
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Re: What will be the way of Android game devices?
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2014, 12:51:44 pm »
Maybe some would not agree, but I believe Indie Developers like Orange Pixel or Locomalito are worth the effort of contacting them. Their games may not be eye candy but sure are very very good.


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