Author Topic: what is the default folder location for GPD Q88+ emulators?  (Read 764 times)

pacboy (OP)

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Bought GPD Q88+ , made a mistake by reformat my SD Card , all the default roms dissapear , can't put new ones and the old ones, maybe wrong folder location? checked the manual it's written : roms/nesroms/roms and so on , but it didn't work, error message :
"didn't find the game" appeared , btw the Emulators names are : G-DC, G-PSP, G-SNES, G-NES, G-PS1, G-ARCADE, G-GBA, G-N64, and so on, all missing roms and when I copied new ones, to the external SD Cards or internal, but no luck, please help me 


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