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Retroarch save game location
« on: September 02, 2016, 11:39:48 am »
Hi everyone,

I wanted your opinion on the following:

I've been using skelton's legacy firmware with retroarch for a while now. One of the main feature is the save state, which are per default going to the rom's folder location. This in my case was the SD card.

Since i've been experiencing so much issues with lost of save state and save game file using pcsx rearmed. Often retroarch would freeze instead of saving and at one point, my main save file for that perticular game got corrupted.

At that point, i decided to move the save location to the internal storage. Since then, the issue has not come back.

I want to share my experience and see if this is a wide spread issue. is saving to the sd card potentially a problem in most cases ?

Otherwise, all my isos and roms are located there and i have no issues loading roms and isos.