Author Topic: Problem simulating touchscreen with right stick on tincore keymapper  (Read 1086 times)

romuloarpini (OP)

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I was trying to use remote play for ps4 and it worked nicely, but the right stick didnt work.

I got tincore keymapper and same thing. It recognizes my gamepad as xbox, when I move the right stick it recognizes on the screen, but I cant control the cameras in any game! If I use the touchscreen I can rotate the camera, but using the right stick I couldnt. I tried to drag the icon on the right side.

What I think it?s strange is that even if I move the right stick icon to the left, nothing changes, so I think the buttons position on the screen doesnt matter.

I bought the analog stick support in tincore keymapper but it didnt change a thing if I am not wrong. It seems like that tincore keymapper cant simulate screen touches on the stick.

I am using legacy rom and when opening tincore I allowed root access.

If I use the builtin mapper of gpd xd, it works ok, but the onscreen buttons fills too much screen space.

Thanks in advance.