Author Topic: New Gamesome Version - ALL settings reset ... *FIX* is easy BUT time consuming  (Read 779 times)

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UGH! I haven't updated any of my apps in a couple months. Left my XD open and plugged in overnight so all the apps would update... everything is great no problem... then i click on the new version of gamesome to make a video.....

completely empty.....  ALL my settings were LOST because they redesigned the app...

The fix is easy BUT time consuming, even more time consuming than the initial setup when i first bought the app.

you have to load the profiles for all the consoles, select which ones you want using the eye icon, then select the console folder, manually select the emulator (it will show which one is installed), manually select the folder where the roms are (PITA if they are on the external card), then click search for new games, and wait for ALL of the box art to download... again....... :-(

i couldn't find any way to edit the settings in a txt editor on my computer to do this faster ... but oh well... I'm almost done, been slowly doing it all this week when i get breaks.

hope this will help someone out....