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My GPD XD haven't MAC adress
« on: September 09, 2017, 12:13:28 pm »

I received my GPD XD yesterday. But I have a big problem:
Basically the problem is: when I turn on the wifi, it search for 30 sec then turn off automatically. in the options, it is indicated address ip and address mac not defined.
I tried a lot of things: for example change the address with Android Terminal (it says (.0 I do not remember).
But i can't define a new MAC address...

There, I leave it TOTALLY empty before recharging it, this to solve the problem in a person ... After, i will change the hour, but i don't believe it...

A final solution or refund?

Sorry for my english ... Google trad ..

Thx !!!
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Re: My GPD XD haven't MAC adress
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Your IP address is set when you enter a network. This is done manually by the user or automatically via DHCP. As long as you are not connected to a WLAN network, the GPD XD does not have a (Wifi) IP address.

Your MAC address is static and cannot be changed. It is bound to the Wifi chip of the GPD XD. It being undefined is either caused by defective hardware or a problem with the operating system (the WiFi drivers), which would also explain why it cannot find networks.

You could try to flash a new operating system and see if the same problem occurs. If this is the case, your GPD XD has a hardware defect and should be refunded or replaced by the dealer.

My guess would be hardware problem therefore I'd recommend refunding it.
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Adamas (OP)

Re: My GPD XD haven't MAC adress
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Thank you for your response. I was afraid of that, but all right, so I will send her back to China and ask for a new one.... I hope this time it'll be okay!

Thx !