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MAME game can't launch
« on: August 20, 2016, 08:15:35 pm »
Hello everyone, I just received my GPD XD and really happy with it. However I got some problem as well.

I mainly play arcade game with it. I didn't install any 3rd emulator or using "happy chick" . What I do is find the Rom from, download it and put it in /roms/ARCADE folder as default and launch the game by default emulator (which is launch through the game icon under "emulators>arcade" section, I think the default emulator is fpa4gpd)

I downloaded street fighter 2 and the last blade 2, they are running fine, however I also downloaded MichaelJackson moonwalker and Elevator Action, they can't launch successfully.... the moonwalker just only black screen, and Elevator Action come with error "fba init failed!"

I have downloaded the BIOS files pack for MAME, however I'm not sure which Roms folder are the one that fba4gpd is reading....

Could someone help?

Many thanks!
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