Author Topic: Is there something wrong with my GPD d pad, should I open a case on ebay?  (Read 351 times)

AlexTheMan (OP)

Having bought and been satisified with a GPD I decided to buy another one.  However with this second one the d pad is quite dodgy.

My first one had very mushy buttons(as should be the case with GPDS as everyone in reviews mentions they have mushy buttons).  However with the second one i bought it is not mushy at all.  Rather the d pad is quite stiff, it almost seems as though whatever causes the mushy feel has been removed).  Due to the lack stiff feel Im finding it hard doing manouveres especially on games such as streetfighter where you need to special moves and constantly manoever the d pad.

I payed 150 for this so would expect the d pad to work like its meant to(as the first one does).  Its not completely non functional but its stiff, non mushy and significantly different, harder to use, not responsive etc when compared to the  first GPD I bought which is much easier to use and responsive.  I am really disappointed by this and considering I paid 150 I don't think I should just live with it.  Even if I was offered a partial refund I'd still be bothered because I bought it to play it without struggling with the d pad or having adding an extra controller.
Note that I was hoping it would become mushy with use however this has not happened and I didnt need to do this with my first one which worked perfectly from the beginning.

Can anybody else comment on this or give me some advice?
Has the material which causes the mushy d pad been removed in recent GPD batches?
Has anyone else experienced this?  W
Would you advise sending it back in which case, since its not a viewable defect might there be any problems.
Please advise.

Many thanks


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Most definitely... open a case from the seller on Ebay. Can't hurt to try...
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Could be GPD changed the rubber pads at some point to make it the dpad less mushy but I can't know for sure. If you feel it is a defect, then absolutely open a case.


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