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renejr902 (OP)

Hi guys!

1. I already have a shield portable and a xperia z5 with several bluetooth controllers. Shield cant run uoyabause. Z5 runs it flawessly with the games i played.but the z5 tvout mhl has input lag. Please tell me if gpd xd has input lag with tv out .

2. I played for exemple legend of oasis and magic knight, no frameskip and 60fps all the time with Z5, shining wisdom is 24fps at no frameskip. Can the gpd XD run for example legend of Oasis, magic knight, shining wisdom, fullspeed 60fps stable and no frameskip

3. you can talk me about psp too , FFIV with shield is excellent, on z5 very good..both dont need frameskip with this game.  thanks for answer.

4.  I know gpd XD has no bluetooth... 2. So how is the control , dpad and buttons ,the feeling , precision... My Ipega 9023, moga pro ,moga hero, ps3, ps4 , shield portable have excellent control for android emus.

5. How run android game like riptidegp2? Run with few frameskip while playing with medium high settings with shield and z5, it runs better on shield than Z5. Thanks for answer. Im really interested to buy a gpd xd for playing sega saturn games with tv out if most rpg have 60fps with no frameskip. Thanks a lot!! It will be VERY appreciated
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My experience with uoyabause in GPD XD has not been great so far. I've tried Sega Rally and it's not playable. I have tried overclocking but didn't help. There may be some magic setting to make it work.


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For uoyabause use old mali drivers. New mali drivers break uoyabause. Sega Rally is only playable with frameskip. But most 2d games run ok.

renejr902 (OP)

For uoyabause use old mali drivers. New mali drivers break uoyabause. Sega Rally is only playable with frameskip. But most 2d games run ok.

Thanks guys for answer. If you have time can you tell me if legend of oasis have 60 fps ( no frameskip) while walking in the first village , just make a new game.

About shining of wisdom its completely unplayable with my z5 even with frameskip. 24-25fps all the time.

Sega rally is not playable at all without frameskip. With frameskip its playable but not great. Daytona usa is playable with frameskip but not great, it had some fps drop. Thanks


I tired Legend of Oasis and it runs at constant 60fps in the first village, in stock rom (1.4Ghz)


@renejr902 you would be glad to know that I got 60fps with interpreter and 45 fps with dynamic recompiler for Shining Wisdom. Music was broken now and then but you can fix it by going into settings and changing the track. gameplay was flawless, although I didn't play it for long.


here is actually my report for Shining Wisdom:( FMVs are pretty horrible btw)
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renejr902 (OP)

Thanks so much for theses infos. At least legend of oasis should be very playable


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Seeing how Yabause can't run anything at all properly, nor keep a steady framerate even at my GTX970 on my pc. It running at any android device is a miracle. I tested Resident Evil, Deep Fear and Legend of Oasis, just the last run "okay".

I wish the guy behind the SSF did a port of it for the GPD, but he seems to not even update anymore the emu :/
(But at least the emu is 98% of accuracy/framerate on my eyes)


uoyabause is now 'Yaba Sanshiro'


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