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How to use your PC as internal sd
« on: July 12, 2018, 09:30:53 pm »
I want to show a method how to use a directory on a PC as inernal_sd.

With this method it is easy to test games and decrease the device storage write cycles.
Also no need to copy to the internal storage.
For example: You can load emu roms or put the obb files there and.
Even a swap file works but this involve further steps, which does not described here.

Only tried on kitkat 4.4.4.

You need:

- root (SuperSu)
- xposed framework (2.7)
- xposed module XinternalSD (4.8 )
- cifs manager or Mount Manager (1.041) / for me, this work only if I disable Mount namespace seperation in SuperSu settings tab (2.49) and restart my device.

1. create a directory on your PC with the name: internal_sd2
2. share this directory
3. create a directory in your device with the name: cifs
4. Mount the share with cifs manager or Mount Manager to your device with the mountpoint: /mnt/internal_sd/cifs/internal_sd2
5. In XinternalSD settings
- select Custom path to internal SD Card
- set the path to the mountpoint of the share : /mnt/internal_sd/cifs/internal_sd2
- select Enable for all apps (behavior: new installed apps becomes enabled by default)
- select Disable for apps and choose apps you dont want to store their data on the mounted share.
6. Restart your device

Now this shared folder on your PC becomes a second internal_sd and behave like this.
If your share is disconect than selected apps store their data in the folder selected in XinternalSD on your device.
If your share is disconnected and you create a folder with the name nomount in the folder selected in XinternalSD, then you know the share is connected when this folder dissappear and vica versa.
The folder names could have other names and it would work. 
With Network Monitor Mini it is easy to see if data is downloaded or uploaded:


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Re: How to use your PC as internal sd
« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 11:25:28 pm »
It's good to have new things and mods but I'm struggling to have any idea when this would be useful for me.
I have 200gb sd card and no storage issues on the XD+.
If I use this method it relies on a network connection which I won't have all the time when travelling or using the device.

How / why / when do you use this?

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Re: How to use your PC as internal sd
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2018, 01:12:17 am »

The use this mainly to test if sideloaded games work because I dont like the Playstore.
Just extract the game data and put it in the Android/obb folder in the shared folder instead of copy to the device.
An deinstall will not delete the files.
If you edit an apk file with apk editor, the app save the new edited apk file in the shared directory.
A apk backup with system app remover does the same.

The new Android Morrowind Port is 1,2 gb in size and contain over 7000 files.
These files normally need to copy to device storage just to know if it will run or not.
The device I use to try out things is a GPD G5A and despite I use sd_boot with plenty 14gb data partition and 44gb internal_sd partition, it would take time and the 64 gb sd card would degrade do to write cycles.
I also use an GPD G7A and an GPD G7, with the shared internal_sd folder I dont need to copy the files to each device.

A mounted folder in the storage behaves like a real folder and all apps can read this as a regular folder.
A 1tb external hdd connect via usb to a router with nas can share plenty of roms, videos or music files which would be accessed immediately, without downloading like es file explorer does.
For example in epsxe you can choose this mounted folder as it would be on your device. 

The download max with GPD G5A is 4,5 MB/s and this is obviously slower but seems to be enough.It takes a lttle bit more time to load a game compared to store it on the device, but after this you would not notice any difference.

I understand that this is not for everyone, but I got so much info from this board that I thought it would not hurt to share some infos, too.

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