Author Topic: How do I get back an accidentally removed app from the Applications menu?  (Read 588 times)

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Alright, so I just received my GPD XD in the mail today and I'm excited for it~ Now I have just one newbie question...

Is there a way to move applications around in the applications tab in the main menu? I tried moving SNES 9x EX to the left-most side. I did so by holding my finger down on the app until some options popped up. What I got were two saying "Move" and "Info". Okay, so I pressed "Move" but now SNES 9x EX has disappeared from the Applications menu... How do I get it back?

Edit: Okay, I see it's moved to the Games menu, but I'm still curious if there's any more organization options.

I may ask other questions as I get things started with my new GPD XD.
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I suggest you follow this guide to get started:

and feel free to ask away. many helpful ppl here.


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