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GTA:SA problems
« on: November 08, 2017, 10:56:35 pm »
Just wanted to see if anybody else has had this issue or found a fix for it. For the most part so far, San Andreas works great. However, the first issue I find is when I get to the lowrider mission and try to use the front or back hydralics on the vehicle, they do not respond even though the move is detected on the bar with the moves scrolling across it. Moving left or right works fine and the hydraulics move the vehicle then, it's just the up and down that don't do anything. When on foot, the right stick works fine and the camera moves in all directions no problem.

It got worse when I got to the dance mission where you steal the van. no movements were detected at all when I did that one and ended up having to use the on screen touch controls to complete it. I'm using my XD with 1.8 Legacy on it, and I tried it with both the PS3 and the XBOX gamepad options with neither of them helping the issue. GTA:SA is the most current 1.08 version. Has anybody happened to find a fix for this? Couldn't even find a trace of the problem anywhere on the internet.