Author Topic: GPD XD Plus dpad questions / mods  (Read 443 times)

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GPD XD Plus dpad questions / mods
« on: January 26, 2019, 09:55:28 pm »

I think I want to do the Wii modification to my dpad but I want to make sure it's going to help with the issues I'm having first.

I just had my GPD replaced because of issues with the dpad. While replacement solve part of the issue, I still have a problem with mushiness with the dpad. But while most people have reported this as just a lack of tactile feedback, I find, for example, unless I'm pressing the outer edge of the dpad it's really easy for the GPD to register it as up-left or down-left. It makes it really hard to duck/slide in old Mario games, to move in Metroid without aiming up or aim up without moving left/right, or play any fighting game. If I consciously think about it I can make it work, but I don't have this problems with any other systems/controllers.

Has anyone else found this to be a problem on the GPD, and more importantly, has anyone found that replacing the pad in the unit has fixed this? 


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Re: GPD XD Plus dpad questions / mods
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Re: GPD XD Plus dpad questions / mods
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I switched out my pads with NDS and wii pads and they are much better