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GPD XD Hinge is Wobbly
« on: September 13, 2017, 04:58:51 am »
Hello, everyone, I have owned my gpd xd for around 6 months now and my hinge is getting wobbly and less tight my friend told me to put a piece on duct tape somewhere he said he saw it on Reddit or something. But do you guys know how to fix this?


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Re: GPD XD Hinge is Wobbly
« Reply #2 on: September 14, 2017, 01:45:28 am »
i've recently had the same issue and i fixed it VERY easily
and it's a quick and simple fix and this is what i did

i took off the cover of my XD and once it was off
i took out the hinge and I cut a very tiny thin strip of duct tape and
i put one end of the tape on 1 flat side of the hinge, wrapped it around at the 
bottom, stuck the other end to the other flat side of the hinge and from there
i VERY carefully and gently pushed the hinge back into place (it was a bit of a tight fit)
and put everything back together and i did a few tests by opening and closing it
and now it is not as loose as it was and is a bit stiffer now. It opens and closes
just perfectly with no issues at all i am SO glad that i managed to fix this issue with a
small and simple fix

Also just remember when you cut a normal size strip of duct tape
cut a VERY tiny and thin strip out of the normal sized
one like maybe 2 Millimeters wide by 1 centimeter long
and put both ends of the tape on the flat sides of the hinge
and wrap it at the bottom of the hinge in a U shape but DON'T
wrap it around the hinge as it won't fit and when you put it back
in place use an allen wrench to push the hinge back in place BUT
slowly and VERY carefully (do NOT force it back into place) till
you can screw it back together then just do a few tests on it
by opening and closing it to make sure that it's not TOO stiff
and its easy to open and close


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