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GPD XD - Fashioning a Zagg Invisible Shield screen protector
« on: March 01, 2016, 04:20:51 am »
*UPDATE: I just found the previous thread on screen protectors and measurements.

Good Monday, all!

I tend to be stickler for a good-quality screen protector in place on the devices that I use. With stuff like the GPD XD, you can't just pop in to your local electronics retailer and get something like that.

My preferred screen protector of choice is the Zagg Invisible Shield series.

At Best Buy, today, there were quite a few versions of the Invisible Shield High Definition protectors on clearance. These usually run $35-$45 each. I bought two that were originally designed for the Asus Transformer T100T and Surface 2. These clearance versions were between $10-$15 each.

Using a Xacto knife set, I cut out the dimensions needed and apply like usual. With these clearance-priced tablet screen protectors, you have quite a bit of material if you don't have an initial go of things.

I can usually track down a patent manual or design manual to get measurements. Does anyone have a link or document on-hand for the GPD XD? If not, no worries. I'll measure it out manually and apply to the screen.

At any rate, I thought I'd pass along this tip so hopefully folks can save money on import/aftermarket protectors that usually aren't so great.

If you want any of the Invisible Shield SKUs or what not, just let me know. I'll post a photo when done. Going to be a good time working around those rubber stops for the clamshell. A stiff whiskey shot or two prior to work should do the trick.

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