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Author Topic: GPD XD Emulation recommended settings best emulators for given system mini WIKI?  (Read 31148 times)

PureWicked.AU (OP)

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    • Australian GCW reseller
hi, don't have enough knowledge to set up what I have in mind,
but is it possible for us to make a topic regarding the above, a sort of guide,
what works best for you,

after my scary/botched reinstall using the latest firmware I'm back to square one, after seeing on the forum about Retroarch I decided to have a go (have not liked it much in the past, loaded up some cores, got SNES working pretty fast but couldn't work out (in the very limited time I had this morning, getting ready for work, 4 and a half month old in the house etc..) how to turn off the control overlay, worked great apart from that, maybe individual emulators suit me best, who knows,

would like to see something where you see a given system followed by best emulators, settings to apply to best suit the GPD XD etc..


Atari ST:

Commodore 64:






etc etc.. (hope this makes sense)
us newbies would appreciate it I'm sure..


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You might find this thread beneficial if a little outdated:

IIRC there was also a recommended emulator thread for the JXD S7800 which might be more up to date, there's also a PPSSPP thread with recommended settings for full speed in almost every game.

There's no great mystery to it, usually whatever works for one Android console will work for all, they are all broadly similar spec wise. Retroarch can be a bit of a pain as the UI isn't too intuitive, it would benefit greatly from a more streamlined design. Often the settings you want aren't in the places you expect them to be and setting up manual controls can be convoluted.

For my needs I used Retroarch, DraStic, ePSXe, MD.emu, PCE.emu, Snes9x EX, Reicast and PPSSPP. That's pretty good coverage for popular consoles.
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Settings for emulators will of course vary for different games, particularly with the likes of ppsspp. I had actually never cared much for emu before this but with the XD, I've been able to enjoy a few of my favourite PSP games and seem to have discovered a few quirks with the emulator, the knowledge of which came in quite handy while configuring my games-

- Multithreading: to actually get PPSSPP to access this feature, it needs to be turned off in the settings before starting the game and you need to turn it back on once you;re in the game. Tested this with Colin Mcrae Rally '05 and Rockband Unplugged.

- For games that are not capped at 30 fps, with GPU rendering turned up, the emulator will keep bouncing about in the 30-60 fps range, making it nearly impossible to play some games. I worked past this by turning off Hardware Transform and letting the CPU do the heavy lifting. This provides the much needed 27-30 fps stability needed in driving games.

- I don;t need to get into the common speedhacks and settings which most users are well aware of, just wanted to also weigh in on the texture filtering. I think the default filters are linear/ bilinear. Changing this to Nearest can result in slightly better performance but the certain textures will appear more blocky.

PureWicked.AU (OP)

  • Posts: 240
    • Australian GCW reseller
Hi guys and gals,

thanks for the responses,

first time I've really thought of Android as more than a passing curiosity with regards to emulation,

sure I've installed some on phones and tablets but the lack of physical controls always put me off in the past,
have got a ps4 Chinese gameclip copy which works ok for my phone but it's a bulky affair..

my handheld emulation journey went from Game Park BLU, hacked PSP, Pandora 1st batch, (loooong wait) Pandora 1ghz, ::would never have received them if it weren't for Evil Dragon.. my handheld hero.. the other reason I'll buy a Pyra::
GCW Zero, (x 101 units huuuge drama and looong wait)

following your suggestions I went and found what I hope is the right post and have "quote copied it here" as you mentioned it's probably well out of date, had a look at the JXD threads, too many, too convoluted, this one looks great but probably just needs to be updated for our newer machine.. so please please please help :-D

I thought that it might be a good idea to create some sort of overview thread allowing new android gaming handheld device owners to get an idea on which emulator to use for which system.

In case you guys are interested I could edit or even extend this post on a regular basis and create a consolidated overview, posting all of your recommended emulators in a sorted list.

If you would like to participate, please post your current setup or individual suggestion to this list in this format:

Emulated System
Emulator Name
Link to Play-Store or Source URL
Reason why you're using/prefering it



x86 (PC):

AnDOSBox (commercial)
aDoSBox (free)
DosBox Turbo (commercial)

Apple IIe:

cAny Apple (free)

Amiga 500:

UAE4Droid (free)
AnUAE4All (commercial)

Atari 400/800:

Colleen (free) 400/800 support to be verified

Atari 2600:

Ataroid (free)

Atari 5200:

Colleen (free) 5200 support to be verified

Atari Lynx:

aLynx (commercial)

Atari ST:

SToid ( Atari ST emulator) (commercial)

BBC Micro:

Beepdroid (free)

Capcom Play System 1 (CPS1):

Jrioni Arcade (commercial)

Capcom Play System 2 (CPS2):

CPS2HD (commercial)
CPSEmu (commercial)


MSX.emu (commercial)
ColEm (free)

Commodore 64 (C64):

Frodo C64 (free)
Mobile C64 (commercial)
Vice (free)
AnVICEx64 (commercial)


Tiger Arcade Emulator (Shareware (in-App purchase))
Jrioni Arcade (commercial)
MAME4droid (0.37b5) (free)
MAME4droid Reloaded (0.139) (free)


fMSX (free)
MSX.emu (commercial)

Nintendo (Famicom):

Nesoid (free)
John NES (commercial)
NES.emu (commercial)
Tiger NES/FC Emulator (free)
iNES - NES/Famicom Emulator (commercial)
NESDroid (commercial)
NES-FC (commercial)

Nintendo GameBoy (Color):

GBC.emu (commercial)
GBCoid (free)
Tiger GBC Emulator (free)
DroidEmuLite (free)
John GBC (commercial)
VGB - GameBoy Emulator (commercial)
GambatteDroid (commercial)

Nintendo GameBoy Advance:

Gameboid (free)
Tiger GBA Emulator (free)
DroidEmuLite (free)
VGBA - GameBoy Advance Emulator (commercial)
GBA.emu (commercial)

Nintendo DS:

Tiger NDS Emulator (demo)

Nintendo 64:

N64oid (commercial)
Muppen64Plus Android Edition (AE) (free)

Neo Geo (MVS):

NEO.emu (commercial)
NeoDroid (commercial)

Neo Geo Pocket:

NGP.emu (commercial)

PC-Engine (TurboGrafx-16):

PCE.emu (commercial)

Sega Game Gear:

Gearoid (free)
DroidEmuLite (free)
MasterGear - SMS/GG Emulator (commercial)
Geardroid (commercial)

Sega Master System:

MD.emu (commercial)
Gearoid (free)
DroidEmuLite (free)
MasterGear - SMS/GG Emulator (commercial)

Sega Mega Drive (Genesis):

MD.emu (commercial)
Gensoid (free)
Tiger Genesis/MD Emulator (free)
GENPlusDroid (commercial)

Super Nintendo (Super Famicom):

Tiger SNES (free)
DroidEmuLite (free)
SNesoid (free)
SuperGNES (commercial)
Snes9X EX (free)
SNESEmu - SNES Emulator (commercial)
Animaonline SNES (commercial)
SNESDroid (free)

Sony PlayStation:

Tiger PS Emulator (free)
FPse (commercial)
PSX4droid (commercial)

WonderSwan (Colour):

WonderDroid (free)

Z-Machine (Infocom):

Twisty (free)
ZMPP Free (free)
JFrotz (free)


Zed Ex (Beta) (free)

ZX Spectrum:

Marvin - ZX Spectrum Emulator (free)
Xpectroid ZX Spectrum Emulator (free)
Speccy - ZX Spectrum Emulator (free)
ZXdroid - ZX Spectrum Emulator (free)
Unreal Speccy Portable (free)

PureWicked.AU (OP)

  • Posts: 240
    • Australian GCW reseller
also really like how descriptive this is..

Im in the same boat and have just got mine all configured.  Here is what I am using:

SNES9x EX - Perfect for SNES, not come up against a single title yet that it cannot run.

MD.EMU - Again, perfect for Sega Genesis and Sega Master System.

DRASTIC - Fantastic for Nintendo DS emulation.  If your device can do it, push the speed up to 1.6GHZ, takes away all the slight lags.

GBA.EMU and GBC.EMU - Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color.  Again, perfect.

NEO.EMU - NeoGeo emulator.  Again, Perfect (Romsets are bios are a bit fidly, but once you get the right stuff, works great.

EPSXE - PSX Emulator.  Dont bother with others, this one might not have all the graphical bells and whistles, but it does what its supposed to very very well.


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