Author Topic: GPD XD Blue 16gb version Screen burn  (Read 1167 times)

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GPD XD Blue 16gb version Screen burn
« on: April 05, 2016, 01:50:09 pm »

Does anybody know how to resolve or had the issue of what seems to be screen burn on my GPD XD Blue 16gb.
I purchased my system in early December off ebay and it has been very lightly used by myself (15 hours usage in all).
After using it the weekend for around an hour the screen suddenly darkened slightly and then some sort of screen burn progressively appeared.
I have read through some posts on here with regards to powering the console on/off during charging that would cause such an issue but I never actually did that as I gave the system a full charge while powered off.
I have even followed suggestion of letting the battery completely decharge and used a dead pixel flasher which even made the issue worse. And as a last resort reset the system to factory default settings which made no difference.
Would be grateful if anybody knew of a fix as I have contacted gpd but unfortunately had no reply as of yet so not sure what the warranty status would be.

Thanks in advance.


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