Author Topic: GPD Q9 Firmware? BIIIG PROBLEM!!! Help me please!  (Read 523 times)

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GPD Q9 Firmware? BIIIG PROBLEM!!! Help me please!
« on: February 13, 2018, 04:59:46 pm »
Hello, I have this tablet GPD Q9 PSV!

So, I flash it with the original firmware of GPD Q9 Firmware
GPD Q9 PSV 5.0.4!UVBiFSZB!KpWz5gavBpw9YfTdRQHuBUv7uuy_HRZtlWBkDomHR1o

but this firmware is not good .. it does not help my need .. it only has 2.9 GB of internal storage .. so it's too little to download more than 4 apps ..
and the good thing is that you can run games like PUBG Mobile ..

I also try the firmware by skelton 2, it's great too, it has 6GB of internal storage, it's better than the original firmware .. but the bad thing that it does not support the game pubg .. App not installed .. I try many times trying to download it, download successfully, but an installation failed.

so now i am confused about this firmware too .., i want to repair the first original firmware with the internal space up to 6GB .. so that will help me and this is the best solution, if you can m help to do it .. i think everything is clear now on my problem ..

There are two differences with the firmware: the original firmware is the storage problem, the second by skelton is not compatible with the game.

So, I need a tutorial or something that can help me change the firmware to make enough space like 6GB of internal storage.

Have a nice day.


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