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GPD Q88+ not charging
« on: January 07, 2016, 03:34:57 am »

I got the GPD Q88+ for my son a few months ago (Around October). And now, as the title said, it is no longer charging. I tried to charge it via the PC, and to check if it recognized the device, but neither happened. I already cleaned the micro usb plug (With a can of air), but it didn?t work.

It has stopped charging just today, and the only thing different that comes to my mind is that he used yesterday a portable charger (while playing) but I don?t think this would be a reason for malfunction.

I dont know if its possible to dissasemble it without breaking the plastic case, as it doesn?t have any screws. Anyone has tried replacing the micro usb plug of a GPD device?

Thanks a lot for any help or ideas!



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