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Author Topic: GPD G7 / G7A Analog Stick replacement issue  (Read 726 times)

AthenaX7500 (OP)

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GPD G7 / G7A Analog Stick replacement issue
« on: June 30, 2018, 12:03:28 am »

i have successfully replaced the analog sticks from my  GPD G7A with Alps RKJXV1224005 analog sticks.

The fit nearly perfectly with the same height of the older ones, despite the solder pins for R3 button and the four mounting legs.
I wired the R3 button pins externaly and bend the moubting legs just upwards.

A test calibration with tincore keymapper shown that the throw of this sticks are wider than the factory sticks.
The calibration value was just 0-800 , so I  made the circle of the GPD G7A case around them wider and got perfect value of 0-1000.


the same procedre with the GPD-G7 results in a throw of only 0-550, despite enlarging the circle of the GPD G7 case.
Even intalling the sticks without the thumb sticks the calibration value did not raised up.

With the old sticks the value of 0-1000 are possible, with the Alps sticks not.

I hope someone with knowledge can shed a bit of light into this and point me in the right direction to solve this issue.

Thanks in advance.
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