Author Topic: GPD-G7 / G5 Slow Internet Browser / browser2ram / Java Scrit turned off  (Read 742 times)

AthenaX7500 (OP)

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I have the GPD-G7 and G5.

On both devices, tested with all skelton custom roms and Stock roms, every Internet Browser I have tried behave very slow.

It seems that not all internet pages behave the same.

For example: - load very Quick - load very slow

If Java Scrit turned off in Browser Settings the speed of the sites above seems equal.

So my questions are:

  Can someone please try and report the speed behavier of aboves internet sites with Java Script on and off?
  Are the GPD-G7 / G5 the reason for the slow speed if java script turn on?
  Does this behave is normal?
  If the I/O of the GPD emmc is the culprit, does something like browser2ram or a ramdisk could be a solution?

- clean install
- rooted
- CWM by oma
- init. d
- se linux disable
- disabling jounal ext

- internet speed of 50 Mbit
- Playstore load with more than 3mb sec
- first Router Fritzbox Fon 7360
- second Router Easybox 602

Thanks in advance