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Following the topic started on here, but for avoiding offtopic on these thread, i open this new thread to keep talking about this.

nielo360, last night i tested splashtop and kainy, both in their new versions.
as we talk, both versions have gamepad emulation in PC side (i?m testing windows), and bot implements XInput, that means most games that requires this feature (aka, X360 controller) will enable gamepad support, and can be played directly with the controls of the device, including full analog support.

main differences between both implementations are that Splashtop THD requires to install a X360 controller driver to emulate it, and Kainy emulate directly without installing driver, but this is a initial setup for splashtop, because when you connect to your pc from your android device, the controller is automatically "plugged" in the system, and you don?t need to do nothing really

well, after doing testing, i?m so glad to see both implementations works fine as controller, but there is another little difference:
splashtop don?t need (don?t have any way) to configure the controller. Simply "translate" the joystick from android and send as gamepad to PC where is replicated.
Kainy need to configure each control (i cannot get this to work directly as gamepad, without config), but this is a good point because i can "remap" controls if i want.
In my case, my GPD-G5A Right Thumb Button (R3) is broked. With Splashtop is not possible to reassign in any way to other button in the device, using Splashtop. There is no possibility to assign an on screen button for gamepad, because the program don?t have this kind of virtual buttons to add in the current layout. Simply, i can?t use R3 in my case.
With Kainy, i can remap to any other button, such Volume, etc, for get this R3 functionality. (in the case of G7, i have two extra buttons that i can map directly, if i get this issue of broken some control)
Alternatively, i can add a virtual button, and map to R3 to implement directly.

I figure in next updates of splashtop will add gamepad controls to be mapped on screen.

there is a bug in splashtop implementation: DPAD is working as "normal" dpad (or arrow keys), but not as XInput DPAD. I tested in Blades of time, in this game, DPAD is assigned to some actions such Compass, Cure, etc. Using splashtop is impossible to doing these actions with DPAD, but using Kainy there is no problems.

in general speaking, both solutions are so similar. Splashtop have a little better quality image (in my opinion) and kainy have better performance (less lag). Take in mind i?m using a non GFX supported card for splashtop, then i?m using the compatibility mode that is slower than normal mode.

i grab some videos for comparing both versions (Kainy and Splashtop), using these two devices (GPD-G5A and GPD-G7)

GPD-G5A with Splashtop THD
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

GPD-G5A with Kainy
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

GPD-G7 with Splashtop THD
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

GPD-G7 with Kainy
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Note: backgrounds on this game are blurred from the game itself. I will use another game for testing later.

for now, i?m uploading other gameplays for testing kainy (i?m still using kainy, because i can?t use DPAD propertly on some games)

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

for who?s interested on check how it "feels" on their device, i suggest to see these videos in your devices at full screen. This bring a better experience about how it works and feel really. (is bad idea to watch these videos in PC or bigger screens)   ;-)

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I have support Kainy almost from day one great app - there was even word that Splashtop copied Kainey's remote gaming idea... according to the developer

Thanks for these great videos Deen0X ;)


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@Deenox thanks for the videos I will try make a few too, the reason why u see lag is not because of gpu, its your cpu, you are using a laptop, even on my alienware i7 extreme if i stream without checking certain things, it can cause lag in certain games
to fix this there are some methods if your cpu is strong enough
1. high perfomance mode, all backgroud programs closed
2. Cooling set to high performance.
3. Sometimes alt tabbing might help.
ideally you want an i5 2.8ghz or so
thats why everyone should try with a desktop or powerful laptop for splashtop

@ruffnuts, when kainy came out splashtop was already streaming faster than kainy, but Kainy is doing better now with regards to settings better than splashtop, image quality is still needs work im sure it will get there soon.

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I'm using a i7, 8GB ram, gigabit Ethernet (I'm streaming from pc wired directly to my router)
My router is 5w, dual band, 3 antennas.
Usually, I prepare the system for streaming, closing programs, shutdown services, changing screen resolution an color deep, setting priority to steamer software and game to above normal, high or some times higher

I think I do most of performance tips to streaming, but I think is so hard to eliminate lag in streaming, because streaming via cpu is slowest than streaming directly from gpu.

I'm any case, for me is ok for playing many titles such assassin's creed our similar games


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I'd like to see a demonstration video of streaming gameplay for Dwarf Fortress.  8)
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