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Interview with GPD
« on: February 25, 2014, 03:25:04 am »
Hello, as I said before, I've conducted a prolonged (more than 50 questions) interview with GPD Sale Director mr. Kelvin Zhang:

It was published yesterday on our Russian site but I will publish a properly translated and somewhat extended version of that interview here, on Dingoonity, in few days. But I need your help, because my English is not perfect. I need a proof-reading before publication. If any old-timer of Dingoonity and native speaker of English language at the same time would help me, please send me a PM. It will be appreciated. Thank you.

PS. Please don't post any reply in that thread before publication of my interview, because I don't know if it will keep within 5 consecutive posts. Thanks.
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Interview with GPD
« Reply #1 on: February 25, 2014, 03:25:23 am »
I've conducted that interview for our Russian blog as part of promotion of GPD devices in the Russia. While discussing the details with Kelvin (for example, we're agreed that Kelvin will redirect some of the questions to his colleagues from software and hardware departments of company), I decided that this material may be interesting for English-speaking audience too, so with great help of MightyJAK, who kind-heartedly offered me a proof-reading and edit for an English translation, I'm glad to present a properly translated English version of interview with Kelvin Zhang.

Disclaimer: This interview doesn't contain any revelations about such significant things as the meaning of life and so on, but it has some interesting hints and insights into company's conception and plans.


A320: Let?s start our interview with some words about GPD as company. What is the idea behind the company and its gaming devices?

Kelvin Zhang: As one of the earliest R&D teams shifted from Linux to Android since August of 2010, we have in general two production lines: game consoles and child?s tablets. Because Android OS is open and Google keeps developement of it increasingly better, and there are increasingly more games for Android released as well, we realized that Android game market would be good for us. Also, we think Google can break the monopoly of Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.

A320: A320: How did you find yourself in that company, how did you become a man who creates gaming handhelds? Please tell us thoroughly how to get a job like this :D!

Kelvin Zhang: I worked in a tiny factory that manufactured simple products like PC mice and small audio speakers from 2009 to 2011, but it has been closed because of bad management. After that I rested for about half a year and then decided to find myself another job. I was lucky enough to find this company, GPD. After speaking with its boss who was planning to release finished products and not only PCBA, I realized this company will develop further because they have their own technical abilities and resources as their framework, unlike some other companies. They just needed a good sales team to introduce them to the world, and their boss had thought I was suited for a job like this. So I become the sales director of oversea markets, we?ve started from zero, first time we came to Hong Kong Sourcing Fair in April of 2013, and step by step we have managed to meet some friends who will cooperate with us and develop the market together with us.

A320: You've told us that GPD is completely open for feedback from its consumers. Some of your rivals like IBEN and MUCH are already concluding various online polls about preferred CPUs in their next devices and etc. Will you follow that trend, and if yes - to what extent? Will you gather our opinions about design of next GPD devices, hardware specifications, preffered OS version etc.? (question from black_mage,

Kelvin Zhang: We?ve sold a lot of G5A and G7 in the China market and we collected a lot information and feedback directly from Chinese consumers, and we?re keeping upgrading theirs hardware and software. Of course, we will collect the opinions from foreign community as well. To be honest, G5A and G7 models already has a lot of feedback from people outside China.
And for the upcoming models, we will send samples to some of our friends from oversea market and will collect their ideas to make our products more perfect. Also we have our own zone and team of fans in China (about 500 of people), some of them will get the samples also, and we will collect the opinions from them as well. And what we appreciate is that so many of them are buying our devices from test production even considering that these devices aren?t perfect. 

A320: Firmware of GPD devices, traditionally for Android gaming handhelds, contains many good emulators. Does your company keep an eye on Android emuscene and developers of emulators?

Kelvin Zhang: If they?ve created a good app, sure we will use it, because why not? We are already gathering some of them, such as some arcade emulators and PPSSPP. We would like to create a different firmware for each market, with different set of apps and it would be nice to get some of your ideas here.

A320: Then how about support of those developers or some kind of collaboration with them? (question from metallsatanist,

Kelvin Zhang: We?re already doing this by sending a samples to some of them and collecting their feedback. Unfortunately, we cannot send samples for too many people because of expenses, but we will try to send more of samples to provide a maximum amount of them.

A320: How do you feel understanding that most of the world knows your devices under other names and brands (for now, at least)?

Kelvin Zhang: We are developers and we?re doing OEM products mostly, also the market is big, so we enjoy the opportunities to share, to let more people have a chance to get a nice device from us, no matter under which brand.
And we also pay attention to the development of our own brand. By doing this, we can collect more feedback from consumers and then we can upgrade our products accordingly. Which also can help us upgrade the quality of our OEM products.

A320: Are there any nuances in dealing with different brands and distributors around the world? With whom do you think it's easier to deal, with whom is it harder? Who's the most pleasant and nicest folks here? What can you say for Russian companies, in particular?

Kelvin Zhang: If we?re talking about OEM, we?re not only OEM developers for oversea markets, we?re doing OEM for Chinese market as well. More than 70% of Android-based game devices are from us, including the first 4.3? and 7? gaming devices you may very well know under one brand name. And sure it?s different to deal with each of them, it?s a shame but for us those Chinese brands are harder to deal with. Risk of delays or even refusal of fulfillment of contractual payments, some of them are eluding from it, some of them are went bankrupt. And if they would ask for the source code it will be a troubles for us, because most likely they will copy our work - not only hardware, but software as well. And if they would get a complaints about bad quality from customers, mostly because they didn?t followed the design notes, for example, if they would change materials - then they will start to blame us for that, and that?s a real headache. Partners from oversea markets are better, because we don?t have such problems with them. To date, Russia is the best market for our devices and I have several friends in Russia running theirs brands, they have different channels but all of them are doing well, I wish we could work together even more profoundly. Also I want to avoid competition between them to give this market longevity and prosperity.

A320: How about your rivals on the market, how do you feel towards them? Is there any pride of rivalry with some specific company, or sense of disdain?

Kelvin Zhang: We are aiming at Sony and Nintendo (Wii U, in particular), we?re considering them as our rivals. We would like to learn more to help our company grow up and reach the same level.

A320: Besides devices from your company, what Android-consoles on the market would you like to mention?

Kelvin Zhang: OUYA, I really feel theirs business way is good, starting to sell device before its readiness, relying on ideas only and collecting the investments. MUCH is another good company, their technical ability is good as well, our software team has a nice personal relationship with theirs. We wish them the best.
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Interview with GPD
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A320: How much does developement and initial run of manufacturing of average console cost? How much time does it take? (question from ekb_Barsik,

Kelvin Zhang: A whole new model, from idea design to the the mechanical design, structure design, production of first samples, limited first and then second batch of test productions (about 100 units in first batch, for example), and then start of mass production, needs about five or six months. Speaking about the cost, this is commercial secret, I?m afraid :).

A320: The GPD G5A's design is really distinctive in comparision with the majority of Chinese Android consoles. Why did you decide to make it different and not a traditional PSP-like design?

Kelvin Zhang: The PSP-like design for Android game devices already was developed by us, you may have seen it in devices released under some other brand names. Since we started the developement of our own brand, GPD, we?ve considered that innovation is essential for making it the number one in the Android game market. Also, playing games on our devices should be comfortable, handheld game consoles must have the proper ?handheld? feel.

A320: Initially there were plans to release G5A and G7 with vibration motors. Why were they omitted in the final version of these consoles? (question from xt_tj,

Kelvin Zhang: Well, firstly the games with that function are not so numerous, and secondly we?ve considered the price level on the market. Most of our consumers aren?t hardcore gamers, they think that price of device is more important (than additional functions).
When GPD brand will have an enough supporters, we will offer some nice devices targeting the hardcore gamers (for example, G5A+), which we think will be smaller target audience than casual buyers.

A320: I'm curious why shoulder buttons of G5A are significantly bigger than shoulder buttons of larger G7?

Kelvin Zhang: Are they? Well, I guess that you are more attentive to this detail than me :). This is because of the size of the console, also we?re considering that when you play on G7, you will use the cushions on top phalanges of your fingers to press the shoulder buttons, where on G5A you will use the middle phalanges. Finger-cushion is more sensitive, don?t you think so :)?

A320: Now I see :). And the D-pad of both devices is really noisy, as everyone noted, why it is?

Kelvin Zhang: That?s because of the mat, we are improving that right now with reduction of it from 1.5 mm to 1.0 mm.

A320: Some people are confused with service buttons of G5A situated on the bottom edge of device. Why not on top? And why is every Chinese manufacturer mixing up the "Start" and "Select" buttons, is there some kind of conspiracy behind that :D? (Traditional consoles always have "Select" on left and "Start" on right.) (question from xt_tj,

Kelvin Zhang: This is a difficult question, something like ?why do you walk on right side of the street? :).
About the position of ?Start? and ?Select? buttons, funnily enough, because the design of current Android consoles came from us (as already mentioned)... well, maybe that engineer guy was drunk in that moment, and everyone who plagiarized our design may have thought it?s intended to be that way, and that?s funny. But we can change that - as we just took the idea in consideration from you, we need to improve that :).

A320: In addition to G5A and G7, your company has some other interesting devices, such as GPD7018. By the way, this console was released in Russia by DNS and Soundtronix brands. Do you intends to update its firmware as well?

Kelvin Zhang: For the firmware, we will determine several of our devices as primary and will keep updating them. We?re considering to cancel the firmware updates for some of our older devices, as well for devices that are assembling and selling by one small company from China for market?s cleanup. This market is not as big as market of tablets and product like this needs to be more qualified, there is no need for so many factories to produce it. Because some of them will cause damage to the market by selling their bad products and people will think of Android game devices as not so good devices to play with, not knowing that?s because of one problem factory. We need the healthy and clean market and the system of single supplier as well.

A320: Not so long ago there was a curious situation on Dingoonity forum when official representative of one Chinese store had claimed that upgrading the firmware of device means the loss of warranty from manufacturer. What will you say about that? Can it really be the cause for withdrawal of warranty?

Kelvin Zhang: The firmware update has nothing to do with hardware or warranty. Please just follow the instructions for update carefully, step by step. This situation is only because aforementioned store cannot support the service of firmware update. Also, please be aware that this may happen with some Chinese brands on the market with whom we won't work anymore (because they haven?t paid us). Also, please remember about CPU of your device and firmware?s eligibility, as you may know, some devices on the market have the models with different CPUs (such as Rockchip and Amlogic) and different firmwares because of that.

A320: And how about custom firmwares from our community then? Can the application of custom firmware become the cause for termination of warranty from GPD?

Kelvin Zhang: Custom firmware can be freely used, mostly because their creators are working closely with us and they?re developing custom firmwares basing them on our default firmware. So the usage of custom firmware will not cause the cermination of warranty from GPD.

A320: Speaking about firmwares, how do you regard the sutiation where some consumers of your devices, released under various local brands, are trying to flash the GPD firmware on their device? What would you say, is it safe - or you wouldn't recommend that?

Kelvin Zhang: We will offer firmwares for the brands as well, this is one of our services for partners. It?s better to update branded device using local firmware, provided by that brand. But anyway, update with GPD OEM firmware can?t damage that branded device.

A320: Most Android consoles that come from China have a lot of bloatware - embedded and locked Android apps in Chinese language, which has no use for a customer outside that country. As I understand this situation, manufacturers make this bearing in mind the needs of local Chinese buyer. That's okay. But how about releasing your devices with stripped, pure Android and put all of those additional apps and games on installation CD that will come with device? (question from xt_tj,

Kelvin Zhang: Our firmwares will not have this problem as needed. We can cancel those apps. As I have already said, we?re planning to offer different firmwares for different countries, with different apps.

A320: How seriously do you regard your promise to open source codes of GPD firmwares to the community? Some creators of custom firmwares, who worked on devices of other companies previously, have claimed they weren't satisfied with the level of interaction with the manufacturer. What can GPD offer for them? (question from DeepDusky,

Kelvin Zhang: Source codes cannot be made public, we already opened them to our friends who can help us developing the firmwares. If you?re a developer who needs the source code - you can contact me and we will discuss this with our software department.

A320: Your company was the first from the makers of Android consoles that released Android 4.4 firmware update - heck, you've even beat such a western giant as nVidia! Is your company going to keep the same winning pace and update GPD G5A and G7 up to hypotethical Android 4.5 when it will come (assuming it will arrive before 2015)?

Kelvin Zhang: Maybe you don?t know, but our company is the creator of first Android game device as well! And it ran Android 2.3. It?s our job to keep our devices up to date. You can be sure, when Android 4.5 will come we will update them, maybe even for 4.6...

A320: How about branded accessories (like carrying pouch and kit of changeable joystick nubs with various design) for your devices? For example, it's not so trivial to find the carrying case that fits the shapes of G5A...

Kelvin Zhang: We?re considering this issue (such as bags and so on).
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Interview with GPD
« Reply #3 on: February 25, 2014, 03:25:50 am »

A320: Before the announcement of G5A you showed us a render of G5 model, almost indistinguishable by design from Dual Shock controller of Sony PlayStation. A lot of people liked this design very much. What happened with G5A? Will you release it soon? (question from black_mage,

Kelvin Zhang: G5 was too much peculiar, some people liked it and some don?t. We showed one sample in the Hong Kong Sourcing Fair, but response wasn?t that good, maybe because of its cost. I think G5 won?t be released any time soon.

A320: Don't you fear a negative response (even sanctions) from Sony :D? Or from somebody else, how do you treat the copyright, trademarks and patents?

Kelvin Zhang: We don?t have a problem with Sony. Wherefore should they harass us :)?

A320: But many people are thinking that GPD and other Chinese companies are copying PlayStation trademarks (such as design of PSP, Vita or Dual Shock). What can you say for that? Wasn't G5 cancelled in fear of that accusation of plagiarism?

Kelvin Zhang: I understand what you mean here, but G5A and G7 shall not deal with that situation. Maybe PSP-like models with 4.3? and 5? screens only, but it will depend on the market. Also, the majority of industrial companies have to start from copying something and then create something different, create their own style - that?s our way and we?ll keep moving in that direction.

A320: There is no single console from China, at least within my recollection, with more than 16 GB of NAND storage. In fact, most of them have only 8 or even 4 GB of NAND. And the size of an average game for Android is growing constantly? Is NAND memory too expensive for a device to have 32 GB of it? (question from DeepDusky,

Kelvin Zhang: Yes, that?s slightly expensive for us, but we will make some of our upcoming models with 16 GB of NAND. By the way, you can use 32 GB TF/SD cards with your G5A and G7, this is a nice feature. Also please notice that G5A and G7 have the quite useful function of CIFS Manager built-in in their firmware.

A320: The majority of Chinese manufacturers have described their devices as compatible with microSD cards "up to 32 GB". In fact, most of those devices can use a 64 GB microSDXC cards as well. Why "up to 32 GB" then? Also, is it possible to have two active microSD slots in one Android device or handheld device with reader of full-sized SD cards?

Kelvin Zhang: Maybe because it?s the maximum capacity of TF cards available on Chinese market, and that?s advertisement talk. Although, yes, our devices suppord cards up to 64 GB. Maybe we should change it to ?64 GB? to satisfy consumers, to let them feel ?more powerful? :). Two SD slots aren?t that necessary as we consider, and it?s also too difficult to be implemented. Full-sized SD slot? well, I think it will be difficult to put on the PCBA of a handheld device, but maybe we will use them in our TV-box.

A320: How about screens? Many of us want to see a 5" console with 1280*800 screen and 7" console with 1920*1080 screen. Can we expect such devices from China as early as 2014? Or 2015-2016 is a more accurate date of their availability? (question from DeepDusky,, and Dmitry Sidelnikov,

Kelvin Zhang: That depends on the evolution of the market, same situation with octa-core devices as well. I think they both will [be on the market someday].

A320: Battery is one of most vital parts of any mobile device, and one of the cases of criticism of devices on Android. Will we see a bigger, more capacious batteries in your next devices, and will there be removable batteries? (question from xt_tj,

Kelvin Zhang: Removable battery is a bit complicated, as we all know, Apple and Sumsung already dropped removable batteries from the specification of their smartphones, and there are also such nice accessories for mobile devices such as power banks. But we will try to enlarge the battery for all of our devices.

A320: Okay, switching our discussion back to the vibration motors: is there a possibility to see them implemented in future consoles from your company? (question from xt_tj,

Kelvin Zhang: I think we can have a device with such function? Let's just wait. I would like to see G5A+ with this feature when it will come out.

A320: You mentioned this enhanced version of G5A, called G5A+, is coming around June. It will feature IPS screen and 2 GB of RAM. And you say it may be a device that will target a smaller audience of devoted gamers and supporters of GPD. Did you mean that the amount of production of G5A+ model will be limited?

Kelvin Zhang: Retail price of G5A+ model will be higher, and it will be a sort of ?limited edition?, probably.

A320: Do you have a plan to release a similar enhanced version of G7?

Kelvin Zhang: This will depend on the market?s feedback, if things will go well, sure we will release enhanced version of G7, because why not?

A320: In some respects, G7 reminds me of a Wii U gamepad. Would you like to deepen this similarity with future 7" devices? (question from DeepDusky,

Kelvin Zhang: Both G7 and G5A were designed all by ourselves, it wasn?t an idea of copying, we already applied the patent for outward appearance of our devices. As for design of our next devices, we can discuss this with community and will be glad to hear your advice, but please consider the market?s needs and limitations, consider the needs of casual consumer.

A320: Plastic is the most commonly used material for Chinese devices. But there are some devices with metal insertions (like Game MID), and the Russian company behind PGP AIO brand is planning to release a 7" Android console with aluminium backplate. Do you have some plans for aluminium, or maybe even for some "heavy metal"?

Kelvin Zhang: This also depends on the market, if the market will need that, sure we will use [some metal].

A320: Can you shed some light on the next flagship gaming device from GPD? Will it be based on octa-core SoC? When it will arrive at retail? (question from DeepDusky,

Kelvin Zhang: Next step is a device based on RK3288. I wish I could have some more information right now. Also, I would like to get some ideas from a community of our supporters.

A320: Along with handhelds, your company also manufactures the Android-based TV console "Gamebox". Any plans to release an updated version of this console with some powerful SoC, like Tegra 4 or Snapdragon 800?

Kelvin Zhang: This TV box device is still in developement, it will be based on Rockchip RK3288 and I would like to send samples of it when they will be ready.

A320: Are you planning something special to surprise us with this TV console, apart from its newer SoC? Something to suprise even OUYA's creators, maybe? Can you give us some spoilers here, please?

Kelvin Zhang: Maybe we will bring something related to the games, like keymapper and some online services?

A320:  Recently Intel spoke about promotion of their BayTrail (x86  SoC) among Chinese manufacturers, including reduction of its release price. Is your company tempted to use relatively "cheap" x86 Intel SoCs for your next Android console?

Kelvin Zhang: We?re working with Rockchip mostly, if Intel has more advantages then we will consider it.

A320: Okay, but will your company sometime in the future use some of the most powerful yet expensive SoCs (like Tegra, Exynos and Snapdragon)? Because it looks like these SoCs aren't welcome in Chinese devices because of their prices?

Kelvin Zhang: Yes, the price is the most important issue, but I?m not sure, maybe? This will depend on development of the market.

A320: Among Android console adorers there is much demand for modern, compact and powerful Android gaming devices with screen size of 4 or 4.3". Yet all devices of that screen size available currently bears outdated hardware (1 GB of RAM at the most, 480*272 pixels of screen resolution, single flat joystick, only two shoulder buttons etc.). Can we expect a powerfull and compact device from you - in foreseeable future? (question from DeepDusky,, and metallsatanist,

Kelvin Zhang: Yeah, we were planning one 4? quad-core pocket-sized device last year, but the market demanded devices with bigger screen? Bigger screens are more popular feature on the market and we?re aiming to sell quantities. Every model costs us a lot to be produced, we can?t go for all sizes and keep 100% of quality at the same time, and there is no way to satisfy every wish.

A320: But is there a chance to see a device like this from GPD in the future?

Kelvin Zhang: Well, technically it?s possible and if there will be a market potential for this device, sure we will produce it.

A320: One ongoing trend of the market that started from 2013 is hybrid console-phone devices with 3G onboard: MUCH i5, MUCH G2, JXD S5800... Will your company follow that trend?

Kelvin Zhang: Not now, because we consider that game device cannot replace the phone, for game console this is meaningless to have 3G. MUCH is doing that project because China Telecom cooperates with them, those are mostly special products bundled with 3G services and contract with network carrier. The other companies can?t even realise why they need to follow that.

A320: Another category of gaming devices popular among the mobile gamers are wireless game controllers for smartphones and phablets. What does GPD prepare in that category? Will your company release a competitor for gamepads from MOGA and iPega?

Kelvin Zhang: Our company have worked on design of PCBA for some of those devices from other companies in the past, actually. If G5A and G7 will be successful enough and the situation on market will be favourable, GPD will consider the developement of its own product of that niche.

A320: As yet, all Chinese manufacturers of gaming handhelds are using code-like combinations as letters and numbers in the names of their devices. Wouldn't you think it will be good for your company to try it differently and label each of your new devices with a proper "model" name, like branded cars? For example, "GPD Hadouken", "GPD Codename Prime" or "GPD Veronica"?

Kelvin Zhang: Nice idea, I will consider this? Numbers are easy to remember, though...
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Interview with GPD
« Reply #4 on: February 25, 2014, 03:26:09 am »

A320: GPD G7 has no less than six buttons on right side of its front panel, but two additional buttons (system buttons) are separated from four standard action buttons and work in a different way. Almost every existing Android console has set of four action buttons (A,B,X,Y or "triangle, circle, cross, square"), just like gamepad of gaming consoles from last three generations. But there are great gaming consoles from older generations with set of three or even six action buttons on their gamepads - Sega Megadrive and Saturn, Panasonic 3DO and Nintendo 64. Why not use similar layout of action buttons in future devices? The more buttons, the better device! (question from metallsatanist,

Kelvin Zhang: We will consider this idea in our next models...

A320: Is it possible to replace the ?toggle? button of sound volume control, the standard for market of modern mobile devices, with the more stylish and comfortable ?rotating wheel? like some Hi-End audio players have? And make it pushable to allow use it for recovery/update operations, of course. (question from xt_tj,

Kelvin Zhang: This one is cannot be changed so easily, also it less traditional, in my option. As we know, iPhones also uses ?+? and ?-? for volume control... 

A320: Do you have a plan to release something in clamshell form - like Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance SP and nVidia Shield? Maybe something with full QWERTY-keyboard? (question from quasist,

Kelvin Zhang: We will consider both of these ideas for our next products, thanks. Though it will take time and these devices will be more expensive.

A320: There are modular devices where users can detach and replace individual parts of the device manually, and even use those parts separately from the rest of device. For example, Wikipad - gaming console which consist of detachable 7" Android tablet and cradle with joysticks/buttons. Do you consider making something like this? Or something like kind of ?electronic meccano?, a kit of connectable and freely changeable modules in "Do it yourself!" spirit? (question from mr4room,

Kelvin Zhang: We?re already doing this kind of products (like Wikipad) as OEM for one European brand, and if you?re talking about similar device under our own brand - we will see, perhaps...

A320: To date, everything made by China is made with price in mind - everything is budget, made of cheap components, comparing to the branded premium devices from companies like Samsung. Any chances to see a device from you with premium-like hardware specifications and materials, even for a significantly bigger price and in limited run? (question from Dmitry Sidelnikov,

Kelvin Zhang: If our B2C scheme will become more stable, we will consider that. At first, our company needs to become stronger at market. Then we will have a power, we will have a budget to make some great and top-notch devices without thinking how to get our investments back - just to advance our own brand. I really wish that.

A320: Will you consider a cooperation with some big and respectable online store (Chinese or foreign) in dropshipping and, probably, further promotion of your devices and developement of feedback about them?

Kelvin Zhang: Sure, and we?re doing this right now with China Taobao and

A320: There is a market niche for devices based on pure or forked Linux, steadily supported by enthusiasts of homebrew applications and GPL (free software), I can mention GCW Zero, OpenPandora and upcoming DragonBox Pyra. Even some Chinese companies manufactured Linux-based gaming handhelds in the past. What will you say, for GPD Android is the only OS to be used? Or we can expect to see handhelds from your company working on various similar systems (China OS, Firefox OS, Tizen, Sailfish OS, Ubuntu Touch, Dingux) out of the box? (question from DeepDusky,

Kelvin Zhang: Yeah, plan of our lifetime is to follow the Android :)!

A320: Is there possibility for a console with two OS from you (for example, Android and Dingux dual-boot, or Android and Ubuntu Touch)?

Kelvin Zhang: This will depend on the CPU, I guess. Not so sure for now.

A320: How about popular alternatives to the standard Android, like open builds of AOKP and CyanogenMod? Will we see them as stock firmware in your future devices? Or maybe something like pre-installed GPD Android laucher (like MUCH did)?

Kelvin Zhang: If there would be necessity for that, we can do it.

A320: Ok, here is a ?hypothetical situation?: please imagine that members of Dingoonity forum have arranged the list of preferred hardware specifications, firmware features and design (they?re already arranging a list like this, as we know) and then some of most respectable developers from our community (everyone know whom I mean) will work closely with GPD team on samples of this device. Let?s pretend that samples were successfully developed and device was promoted by its co-authors on the popular handheld forums and sites, feedback was great in overall and demonstrated an enourmous demand for this device from us, handheld geeks. In that situation, will GPD consider to start a Kickstarter campaign to make such ?ultimate game handheld? a reality? Because of its crowdfundind nature, your company probably wouldn?t take any risk with investments in production run, I mean, right after initial developement of samples...

Kelvin Zhang: Well, we consider this could be very great project, but our company needs to get some power right now, now we?re developing ourselves. As we all know, the poor country cannot build aircrafts. And we want to become powerful like China, and then - sure, we will [be open for this]!


A320: Are you playing any games? If yes, which do you prefer more - current mobile games (Android and iOS) or classic hits with emulators?

Kelvin Zhang: I seldom play mobile games but I?m playing fighting games on emulators, maybe because I?m old-fashioned :).

A320: When you're playing those games, do you prefer to use a device that you've created (GPD G5A, for example) or just plain smartphone/tablet? (answer honestly, please :D)

Kelvin Zhang: For me, I prefer to play with buttons, you know, to get that feeling!

A320: Let's pretend that you have to choose between GPD G5A and G7. Which one will you pick up, and why?

Kelvin Zhang: My choice is G5A, because G7 is too big for me - my hands are small. But it seems like you can enjoy some big games on G7 in the best way.

A320: What are your favourite genres and games?

Kelvin Zhang: For me, it?s fighting mostly, I don't know so much about games, my father beaten me a lot when I was child because I played on arcades :). Now I must work more than play. And the best game is KoF?97, once I turned on my device I would like to launch that game at first :)...

A320: So... Capcom vs SNK - who's better :D?

Kelvin Zhang: I think SNK is better, to be honest.

A320: Which characters of King of Fighters are your favourite ones?

Kelvin Zhang: Ah, first one is the guy with fire (Kyo Kusanagi), second one is the guy with lighting (Benimaru Nikaido) and then a guy with red hair (Iori Yagami).

A320: Whom of current handheld gaming gods - Nintendo or Sony - you sympathize the most, and why?

Kelvin Zhang: Nintendo is more about their games, while Sony is good at 3D. I am staying in the old days with some Nintendo?s games, being not so familiar with games from Sony.

A320: There is popular opinion that modern mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are killing traditional gaming systems slowly, and handhelds like Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita in particular. What do you think about? Don't you feel yourself a bit guilty for that :D?

Kelvin Zhang: Now that?s really good question, you are right, we?re also considering that touchscreen-based games will take away some of gaming devices, especially in case of users who are not so careful about the game?s feelings.
Mobile phones are quite similar to tablets and maybe they will even become the one someday, but as I said, a game console cannot replace a mobile phone, nor can the phone replace the game console. Those are two different devices.
You know, we are actually trying to combine touchscreen-based devices and devices with physical buttons. This is the way Android game devices should be, with our device you will get so many games, more and more, better and better, and you can enjoy both classical old games and modern hits simultaneously, even if you would play only using touchscreen.

Our goal is a single device for all games. This is not very expensive and available for more people. And with them they can enjoy the old games from their childhood, they can enjoy the popular games - play whatever they want.
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Re: [COMING THIS WEEK] Interview with GPD
« Reply #5 on: February 25, 2014, 02:24:08 pm »
Hi, can you tell me the link of the Russian interview


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Re: [COMING THIS WEEK] Interview with GPD
« Reply #6 on: February 25, 2014, 04:45:21 pm »
I'd be happy to do some proof reading if you need it Drem. Just PM me if so.


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Re: [COMING THIS WEEK] Interview with GPD
« Reply #7 on: February 25, 2014, 05:03:24 pm »
Eh... Thanks, gibberish. Though you're a bit late, one kind soul already contacted me and I've sent him a file. But thank you, anyway.


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Re: [COMING THIS WEEK] Interview with GPD
« Reply #8 on: February 25, 2014, 05:27:50 pm »
Hi, can you tell me the link of the Russian interview

Here's the link to the interview.  Use the translator option in the upper right corner of the screen to change it from Russian to whatever your native language is.

*Link removed by request*

Bring on the GPD 5A+ with the IPS screen and 2GB of ram!
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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #9 on: February 27, 2014, 06:12:56 am »
Ok, first posts were updated. Hope you will like it. I've spent a few days preparing that material.


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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #10 on: February 27, 2014, 07:46:38 am »
Thanks for posting this. Was an interesting reading.


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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #11 on: February 27, 2014, 09:53:45 am »
Thanks for the interview, was interesting to find out that they produce a lot of consoles for other people.
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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #12 on: February 27, 2014, 10:04:26 am »
Thanks for the interview, was interesting to find out that they produce a lot of consoles for other people.

Including a brand well known for almost everyone here xD. Buy I guess they just decided to go on their own, especially of they are not paid in time like Kelvin suggests a couple of times in the interview.


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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #13 on: February 27, 2014, 05:40:20 pm »
Thanks for posting this interview! I enjoyed reading it.
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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #14 on: February 28, 2014, 01:13:26 pm »
Good interview, looking forward to see this community and GPD working closely and listening
All the comments for a better device.
Like that was mentioned about to use a crowfounding and Gpd as manufacturing.
I would like to see too a interview with Gary from iben.

This its a big start


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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #15 on: February 28, 2014, 01:19:17 pm »
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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #16 on: February 28, 2014, 02:23:11 pm »
I would like to see too a interview with Gary from iben.
Gary just need to send me a message, because I would be glad to talk with him and IBEN as well ;). But I wouldn't mind to read someone else's interview with him, of course.
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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #17 on: March 04, 2014, 05:58:06 am »
Nice interview!  I don't know if I can wait until June for the G5a+.  But I will definitely consider their products over the other brands. 


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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #18 on: March 04, 2014, 10:41:12 pm »
The first thing they should add to a G5A+ model is a bigger battery, then think of other things.

Great interview by the way.


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Re: Interview with GPD
« Reply #19 on: March 13, 2014, 12:21:40 am »
Thanks for the interview. How do you know that the G5A+ will be released in June, did he mention it?
Considering getting a G5A but maybe I'll wait for the updated version.


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