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[ PSP Theme ] SquareHome Launcher Tutorial
« on: March 05, 2017, 09:52:21 am »
Here is a basic theme to make your GPD look like a psp. Everything used is free but feel free to buy the pro versions ( i did ) and support the developers. I will try to clean up this tut and post better videos. As of right now this tutorial can get your gpd looking pretty close to a psp. Have fun and tweak it as you like. Let me know if you have any requests for icons or whatever. Please don't hold back on criticisms, good and bad.

Read this tutorial all the way through before you start.

[ Notes before installing ]
-    SquareHome2 Launcher gives a free trial for 14days - certain features will not be available after the 14 days. ( Payed version is 3.99 USD )
-    Don't know if it matters but I am running GPD XD with skelton's Legacy Rom.
-    You NEED root for bootanimation. ( If you run legacy rom it comes pre-installed )
-    The live wallpaper is old and settings are locked on purple background but it seems like the best option for a great psp "feel")
-    The biggest risk here is probably rooting your device. Its a minimal risk if any but to be clear: Use this tutorial at your own risk.
-    I used Mobizen screen recorder so i can record - no cables needed hehe. ( free and no watermarks! ) [ Link ]

[ Tutorial ]

- Installing PSP Boot Animation -
      If you dont know how go here: [ Click ]. If you do, just download the bootanimation here:  [ Click ].

- Installing PSP Live Wallpaper -
      The files are here: [ Click ]. If you need help with installing it please let me know and I will add the steps here.

- Installing SquareHome Launcher2  ( and configuring it ) -
      - Open your browser inside of GPD XD and Navigate here  :)
      - Download the icons i designed for the psp here: [ Click ]
      - using the ES File Explorer copy or cut the zip (from your DL folder) and paste it into your SD card  (/external_sd)
      - Longpress the zip and select options - then tap on "Extract to" and tap on "Current Path"
            Your file structure should look like  /external_sd/Themes/PO PSP Theme
            The location doesn't matter its just the way i store stuff.
            When I update the icons it will just be easier for you to just put the zip in root and extract.
            If I end up making a new theme I will also use the same structure, so its up to you.
      - Install SquareHome Launcher 2 from here: [ Click ]
            On initial open of SquareHome it will be a wizard to setup. Make sure the tile size is 3 and everything default is fine.

        ( This next step is just to make things easier for us as we finish up - this is deleted later )
      - Tap on the box with the + on it to add shortcut. Tap Application and Tap "Home options"

      [ Square Home Settings ]
      - Tap on the new Icon you made and go into settings.
            * Tap on "Set default home" select Square Home - Always.
            * [ Behavior & UI ] [ System UI ] Background Color : tap and using slider make it transparent.
            * [ Behavior & UI ] [ System UI ] Hide status bar (checked)
            * [ Behavior & UI ] [ System UI ] Hide navigation bar (checked)
            * [ Behavior & UI ] [ Advanced ] Keep status when back (checked)
            * [ Tile size & style ] [ Size ] Tile size : 150
            * [ Tile size & style ] [ Size ] Icon size : 130
            * [ Tile size & style ] [ Size ] Label Visibility: Always visible
            * [ Tile size & style ] [ Size ] Text size : 120
            * [ Tile size & style ] [ Size ] Text alignment : Right
            * [ Tile size & style ] [ Tile Effect ] Tap on "Background effect" : set to "Transparent"
            * [ Tile size & style ] [ Tile Style ] Tap on "Background #2"
                  - tap Image
                  ( to avoid importing one image at a time we import the entire theme now)
                  - tap  "Import " at the top right of screen
                  - Navigate to : [ Themes/PO PSP Theme/Icons] tap on the orange "Select" at the right side
                  - Do "Import" again using : [ Themes/PO PSP Theme/Tile Styles ]
                  - Now select "Psp_Tile_Style_Setting.png"  to replace "Background #2"
                  (*) I have included "Psp_Tile_Style_CarbonF.png" for another style, include it if you like on "Background #3"
            * [ Tile size & style ] [ Tile Style ] very last option "Enable blank style" make sure its checked
      - Exit back into Home.

      [ Making a PSP style Icon ] ( the Main psp settings icon )
      - Tap on box with + and add a "Tile Group"
      - Tap on your settings app shortcuts: Google Settings, Settings, Home options, Update app (whatever else you want in here)
      - You should now see an icon with the other icons inside it - Longpress it
      - Tap on the lil gear ( settings ) - Tap on "Full image" then tap "Image"
      - Now doing the same as before using ES File Explorer find  " /PO PSP Theme/Icons " and use PSP_Icon_Settings.png.

      [ Making a PSP Setting Icon for menu ] ( the icons inside the main setting menu )
      - You should now have the nifty PSP settings icon - Tap on it to go into the tile group
      - Now to setup a psp style Icon set for each - Tap on the box with + and Widget , choose Blank
      - You should now have an invisible box there - Longpress it and select the resize icon (lower right arrows)
             * Tap Customized - and put in width:8   Height:1  ( this will cover the entire top )
      - Now Longpress and drag it to the top of the screen, so it is under the rest. Kinda tricky since you cant see it hehe
      - The same way you moved the invisible box, stack the rest under it all the way to the left.
            (adjust them a little to the right according to taste, so they are off the left side  looks better imo)
      - Longpress the first setting icon - tap resize - tap wide  ( do this for all setting icons )
      - Longpress the first setting icon - tap gear - tap "Extra options"- set "Wide(2:1) banner" to Off ( do this for all setting icons )
      - Longpress the first setting icon - tap style - tap "Style #2"  ( do this for all setting icons )

    That should be it for settings BUT I did put in some icons for you to use so it looks a bit nicer. If you want just change Icon-Image- and replace it with one of mine. I have android icon for settings, the google icon for google settings, also home launcher, titanium, and esfile explorer. ill add more later. To make it more PSP'ish add the updater shortcut at the top of the list without the "setting" icon style (thats how it is in psp)

      - Now go to home screen
      - Now move your suitcase (settings) icon to the upper left as high as you can get it.
      - Turn edit mode off ( pinch screen - tap on the yellow lock ) and tap on home page

    You can now test how it looks by using the gamepad and clicking on the suitcase. The invisible box we made inside the menu was so it offsets the icons lower down giving it a similar look to how the PSP menus come up. Take it out if you don't like it.

    The setting (PSP wrench icon) "Tile Style" we created is just for the settings menu. Now all you have to do is repeat the process for the music, multimedia, game (etc..) icons. Just make a "tile group" in the home screen with all the apps you want inside it making sure to stack them to the left. Delete the rest of the apps from home screen and line your psp icons across the top. I have also included the previously mentioned Carbon Fiber background style(Psp_Tile_Style_CarbonF.png) for icons, just in case the icons seem boring with no background. I will continue to add Icons if ppl like the plain white ones, but maybe using the carbon fiber bg or using your own is a better approach. Dunno up to you.

- Installing Cool Tool - ( the time/date and power info at top of screen)
      - Install Cool Tool : [ Link ]
      - Open and enable ( top right of screen)
      - Go to the bottom of the [ Main ] settings page
      - Change "Num of Rows" to 1
      - Further down - Use the blue pad to move the display to the top center of screen
      - Tap on [ Labels ] on the left menu
      - Make sure that only "Time/Date" and "Battery Level" is selected - Deselect the rest
      - Tap on the color circle to the right of "Time/Date" and change it to white.
      - At the bottom tap on " Fine Tuning"
      - Tap on "Time/Date"
      - Tap on "Prefix" textbox and enter "d/MM  KK:mm a    "   
           (Case sensitive and Make sure there is 4 spaces after the "a".
      - Tap on "Next" and clear out that line, no spaces no nothing.
      - Tap "Done" and then "OK"
      - Tap on "Battery Level" and change "B:" into "Battery:" then tap "next" then "Done" and then "OK"
      - Tap on " Done " on the top right of the page.
      - Tap on [ Gauges ] at the left side menu.
      - Deselect all gauges
      - Tap on [ Theming ] at the left side menu
      - Change "Theme" to Custom
      - Change " Text Color " to white by using the sliding gradient thingy
      - Tap on [ Sliders ] at the left side menu
      - Change " Font Size " to 20 ( all the way up to the right )
      - Go further down to "Graph Transparency" and change to 255 ( Full/Far right )
      - Go further down to "Background Transparency" and change to 255 ( Full/Far right )
      - Tap on [ Exclusions ] at the left side menu
      - Where it says "Disabled" at the top, tap and change to "White List"
      - Make sure that "Cool Tool" and "Square Home 2" is selected ( Cool tool will only show on these apps )
      - Tap on [ Main ] again and push the display to the right ( go to home screen and readjust if needed )
      - Done - now you have a PSP-ish time display.

[ Downloads / Reference Links ]
ES File Explorer: [ Click ]
Cool Tool - System Stats: [ Click ]
PO PSP Bootanimation:   [ Link with Instructions ]    [ Direct Download to zip ]
SquareHomeLauncher 2: [ Click ]
PSP Icons: [ Click ] These Icons are the ones I made for my own needs, feel free to DL your own if you find better.
PSP Live wallpaper: [ Click ]
( A warning: The live wallpaper is old and settings are locked on purple background but it seems like the best option for a great psp "feel")

[ Video ] Quick guide to change bootanimation: [ Click ]
[ Video ] Very quick and dirty guide for installing Launcher: [ Click ] (I will update with a much better video later)
[ Video ] End Result: [ Click ]

* I will update with better videos and clean up the tut as best as I can.
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Re: [ PSP Theme ] SquareHome Launcher Tutorial
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2017, 04:14:18 pm »
Ok so here is the end result:

I could make it better but it's not going to be my theme for my personal device so I will soon delete it. It was intended for a few ppl who wanted a psx look and psp. This should probably be ok for both. The game icon shows you what you can do with square home launcher though (1 minute into the video) .This was all without the use of halauncher. You can custom make your icon dimension and use your own cover art. I tried to make diff size images but i didnt want to do the work of cropping or anything. The possibilities are endless really. The only problem I see with this setup is that the "Tile Groups" have a limitaion of 8 tiles going across. So the way you see it in the video is probably the better way of doing it.

Something else to mention is that the "more shortcuts" apps is pretty usefull. Lets you make shortcuts to activities and made it possible for me to add icons to settings like: usb settings, wifi connections, and stuff like that.

So have fun, tweak it up, and if you can post the results. I would like to see what you did and if this will even be used. ( I hope so)


Re: [ PSP Theme ] SquareHome Launcher Tutorial
« Reply #2 on: March 15, 2017, 01:37:12 am »
Thanks to you it get me interested to "redive" into the squarehome launcher and I think I got pretty good result. I can do more on that but at least I have the console like interface I wanted to have for a long time. :)

Check my result here

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Re: [ PSP Theme ] SquareHome Launcher Tutorial
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2017, 02:09:25 am »
very nice and very sleek.

Funny thing: As I was creating the tut I found a bug and sent an email to developer along with some suggestions. he didn't add anything but he did fix the bug hehe. The bug was, once you created a "tile group" you couldn't create another nested "tile group" inside it again. You could create one and then paste it inside, but then you wouldn't be able to move it around. Anywho it is fixed now. So now you can create nested "tile groups", yay.

I was thinking in maybe using that feature to add categories to the games. It would be a lot of work especially if you have a bunch of roms, but would make for a nice setup. Have something like category ( melee, fps, rpg, etc) and then maybe have "All Games" a big dump of all roms, with icons of each rom and the console they belong to. One of my suggestions was a search feature to each page/tile group.

I have yet to figure out what setup I want but it's been fun playing with it. But yeh def nice setup. Looks very nice.


Re: [ PSP Theme ] SquareHome Launcher Tutorial
« Reply #4 on: March 15, 2017, 10:30:11 am »
Thanks mate, for the category thing, a good idea is to not put a lot of rom/app inside a single folder, it started to lag when I was trying to load a "tile group" especially if you add custom images. To avoid that it's better to have a small selection (like 6 roms) for each category it will be more smooth. (Exemple : Tile group "retrogames"->N64->Racing-> 6 roms)
Then when you finish a game, you can replace it with an another one (it's a more less time-consuming and more in my opinion  ;)).
And yes a search feature can be nice it can be a plus for this awesome customizability of this launcher.


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