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Re: Wanted to Buy: Gemei A330
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Yes I've done a lot of work on MAME4ALL and on XMAME.
I have MAME4ALL versions for GP2X, Wiz, Dingoo A320, A380, Nanonote, GCW-0 and Pandora.
And XMAME versions for GCW0 and Pandora.
MAME4ALL is now very mature - I've updated almost *everything*, CPU emulation, sound emulation, 90% of drivers plus a large number of new games to play.
Most games run as if running from a much later version of MAME though still as the same fast speed as the original MAME4ALL. Some of this attention-to-detail may not be noticed by casual gamers however it's been fun making games work on the relatively slow hardware for today's standard.

I wanted to add Gemei A330 to the list - hoping to get this sorted out.

EDIT: Oh yes and MAME4ALL for the Zipit Z2.

That's great news and many thanks for your efforts and hard work for mame on these retro handhelds, especially for the older systems as they are not supported anymore.

When will the mame emus be ready for release?
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Re: Wanted to Buy: Gemei A330
« Reply #16 on: September 30, 2016, 12:10:21 pm »

Am in Australia and have one of these in good condition for sale, with box etc.

Anybody still chasing one?

Just listed it on eBay

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