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Neo geo in Gemei A330
« on: May 03, 2017, 07:01:08 am »
Hi, I am lately using this console after some years in a drawer and I love it. The great battery, controls and form factor made up for the shortcomings in raw power and emulation fidelity. However, there are some thing that are pissing me off, as apparently, nobody else seems to have the same issues:
- I can't get KOF 2003, Ironclad or Matrimelee to work. No matter what I do. If they actually work, can somebody send me a link with the working files?
- Games with heavy use of "scaling zoom" get slowed down to a crawl every time the zoom goes in/out. This makes classics like any Samurai Shodown or Art of Fighting unplayable.
- Roms like KOF 2000 seem to be very picky with the BIOS file selected. In the case of KOF 2000, one of my favourites, I get the original SNK board warning. Is this an issue of the rom or the emulator? Can't it be bypassed with a savegame or anything?

Thanks in advance


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