Author Topic: My Nightmare Gemei Story.. need help  (Read 1931 times)

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My Nightmare Gemei Story.. need help
« on: December 30, 2010, 05:12:33 am »
   OK so before, i had mentioned that when i ordered my GA330 i received one with a scratched screen.... i emailed the site i ordered from to no avail and decided to take matters into my own hands... after a few trips down google lane, i found a great remedy for a scratched screen (or so i thought).. i used a soft white eraser lightly on the screen and voi-la... MORE SCRATCHES!!!... i was heartbroken... so i did a little more research.. this time on screen protectors... i bought an "invisible shield" screen protector that promised to cover up the existing scratches and make the screen "virtually" scratch proof... which it did!  :D
   i took the unit apart so that i could access the screen more easily and applied the protector.. it looked wonderful!... put the machine back together and powered it on...  :o the solution that bonds the protector to the screen got "into" the LCD... determined to not be dismayed i again, marched down google lane and found a tutorial on "peeling" apart LCD screens and cleaning each layer... before i could do this i had to remove the expensive screen protector i applied an hour ealier and guess what? IT PULLED ITSELF "AND" AN EXISTING 'SCRATCHED' SCREEN PROTECTOR OFF REVEALING A PERFECT AND SCRATCH FREE SCREEN!!!!  >:(.. i went through all of that trouble just to find out that the scratched screen i was wanting to remedy in the first place was in fact, a sceen protector that some crumby guy put on my unit.. all the while i had a perfect screen underneath
   now after i put everything back together ... the screen looks a little screwed up and i acidentally pulled a wire off the solder on both trigger buttons

...  :'(

not sure what to do... going to try to solder the wires back on... and want to buy a replacement screen

any ideas will help... order sites for same or similar screens and solder advice would be very appriciated


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Re: My Nightmare Gemei Story.. need help
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2010, 01:19:00 pm »
With a little solder stick of 15W that can be made easily.  ;)


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